With Tears of the Kingdom offering a bigger and bolder sequel to Breath of the Wild, fans are wondering if the prequel’s most infamous feature, weapon durability, is making a return.

While some players did enjoy the mechanic, there are those hoping it doesn’t appear in TotK. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your taste, the mechanic is returning, but with slight improvements.

Do Weapons Still Break in Tears of the Kingdom?

Yes, weapons still break in Tears of the Kingdom if used too much. This includes using weapons to attack enemies, damage the environment, or interact with objects such as boxes and spiked balls.

Weapon durability will apply to all weapons, including those that you make yourself with the brand-new fuse mechanic.

Link's weapon breaking in Tears of the Kingdom
Credit – Skill Up

This means that the impermanence of weapons remains in Tears of the Kingdom. You will have to discard and find new weapons on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, this divisive mechanic won’t be for everyone. However, there are some fundamental tweaks to it that vastly change how it functions.

You can see the weapon durability system in action in Skill Up’s spoiler-free preview of Tears of the Kingdom below:

Is Weapon Durability Fixed in Tears of the Kingdom?

Weapon durability works substantially differently in TOTK due to the Fuse mechanic. It allows you to attach almost any item to your weapon, thereby extending its durability and significantly increasing how long it lasts before breaking.

Unfused weapons won’t last particularly long, however. So, if a weapon is at breaking point, you’re encouraged to fuse it to whatever you can.

This addresses the issues some players had with weapon durability in BOTW, as while the mechanic still exists, it can be postponed for a far greater period of time.

You can actually check out all Fuse combinations in Tears of the Kingdom to see which items you can attach your weapon to in order to keep it around as long as possible.

Link fusing his weapon to a spike ball in Tears of the Kingdom
Credit – Skill Up

Fusing weapons is a core component of Tears of the Kingdom, as most of the weapons you’ll find lying around won’t be powerful enough to take on even some of the basic Bokoblin.

Combat is harder now, so attaching a boulder, giant spike ball, or anything your mind can think of (within the game’s parameters) is paramount to your survival and preventing your weapons from splitting in two.

It is important to note that once you fuse a weapon with an object, it cannot then be re-fused to something else. Unfortunately, you can’t indefinitely fuse a weapon, thus keeping it from ever breaking.

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