Starfield is available on Xbox, PC, and Steam Deck, leading players to wonder if the game features crossplay and, more importantly, cross-progression.

Crossplay allows users to play with one another regardless of what platform they’re on. So, in this instance, if crossplay were enabled, Xbox users would be able to play with PC users.

Additionally, cross-progression allows players to continue their save no matter what platform they’re playing on. They could start their save on Xbox and then pick up right where they left off on PC.

So, does Starfield support crossplay and cross-progression? Below we detail everything you need to know about both features in the game.

Does Starfield Support Crossplay?

No, Starfield does not support crossplay between Xbox, PC, and Steam Deck as it is a single-player exclusive title and therefore has no co-op or multiplayer content.

While it is possible that Starfield may receive multiplayer content in the future, currently, Starfield will launch without it.

Player in space suit in front of moon in Starfield

As a result, there is nothing for players on the same platform, let alone multiple platforms, to do together.

Fortunately, this means that you and your friends can get Starfield on different platforms to each other worry-free.

We will update this article if Bethesda add multiplayer content and crossplay to Starfield.

Does Starfield Have Cross-Progression?

Yes, Starfield does support cross-progression, as it is listed as Xbox Play Anywhere on its store page.

However, this only applies between Xbox Series X/S and the Xbox PC app. Cross-progression between Xbox or Xbox PC and Steam has not been confirmed.

The Starfield Xbox store page with the Play Anywhere tag highlighted

In order for cross-progression to work between Xbox and Xbox PC, you’ll need to make sure you’re logged into the same Microsoft account on both.

The Xbox Play Anywhere tag on a game means that players who purchase a game on Xbox will automatically unlock the Xbox PC version and vice versa.

Additionally, it allows players to carry over their save and continue playing from where they left off on the previous platform.

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