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Does Splitgate Have Anti Cheat? Developer Reveals Anti Hacking Update

Does Splitgate have an anti-cheat system? Find out what the developer has said about hacking in Splitgate.

Cheating is a major problem in all online multiplayer games. Not only do hackers ruin the enjoyment for other players, but they also make the game unfair.

Plenty of games without an effective anti-cheat system get overrun by hackers. In fact, many Warzone players are threatening to quit because there are so many hackers.

Luckily, a new Q&A with the Splitgate developers has revealed how they keep cheaters out of their game.

But first, find out how long the server queue takes in Splitgate.


Does Splitgate Have Anti-Cheat?

Despite being playable since 2019, Splitgate has had a huge increase in players since it was released on consoles. Therefore, all of these new players have plenty of questions about the game.

Luckily, from questions about how to change your loadout in Splitgate to whether there is anti-cheat in the game, the developers have been very responsive with answering fan questions.

In a new Q&A, the Splitgate developers answered fan questions about the game’s anti-cheat. Firstly, they confirmed that they use the EQU8 anti-cheat system to keep hackers from playing.

Additionally, one of their developers, Ethan, works on a custom anti-cheat system for Splitgate too.

“We’ve been really good at handing all of the cheaters so far. I think we are doing a great job of handling it right now but it’s a contant battle and it always will be”

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Splitgate Queue Time

Update To Improve Hacker Detection

In addition to the anti-cheat system already in Splitgate, the developers say that they are trying to get “ahead of the curve” with hackers.

Therefore, the developers have put anti-cheat improvements into the latest Splitgate update. Hopefully, this will mean that the game remains hacker-free for as long as possible.

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Finally, a leaker has revealed that we could be getting another huge game announcement son. Call of Duty Vanguard could be announced in Warzone this month!

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Tuesday 5th of October 2021

Quit COD because of cheats! Played Splitgate tonight and 6 games on the bounce all hackers! Absolute joke.

Wednesday 1st of September 2021

It's already full of hackers. I'm seeing one every couple of games. This is ridiculous bs.