The concept of “Scripting” within previous EA Sports soccer games and now FC 24 has been a long-running theory since the early days of FIFA 12.

It’s an intriguing idea that match outcomes are somehow predetermined and written into the game’s code before the first whistle blows. Even we have been guilty in the past of blaming our losses on it.

For over a decade, players have grappled with this, questioning whether their games are being shaped by the developers rather than their playing ability.

So, as these theories continue to prop up, with thousands of players believing this idea, is there any truth to it?

Is There Scripting in FC 24?

No, “Scripting” does not exist in FC 24, and match results are not predetermined or affected by a specific code put in by EA Sports.

This is a popular idea within the community, with some players even going as far as suing the game developers for “fixing matches.”

However, after showing proof that this does not exist in the game, the lawsuit was dropped, and EA further reiterated that there is no form of scripting within the game.

“We’ve publicly said before that we do not use any scripting or “Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment” (DDA) or anything similar that would automatically adjust the difficulty of gameplay in FIFA, Madden and NHL Ultimate Team matches.”

EA Sports
Chiesa Running in FC 24

Why Do Players Believe This?

Players believe in “Scripting” in FC 24 due to games flipping on their heads within minutes. They attribute this shift in momentum to this “hidden feature.”

However, unquantifiable factors often account for this and are not the “game being against them.” Since they can’t physically see why something has occurred, they attribute blame to an outside force.

There are many explanations for players losing matches that are not as obvious in the moment. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Player’s mindset.
    • Sometimes, players can lose their advantage by overthinking. This happens to all of us, too. When you let in a goal, it’s easy to start worrying too much about not letting it happen again. This can make you feel nervous and panicky during the game. However, this is not something you can calculate or visually see. It is an excellent reason why you may have conceded multiple goals in a short time.
Marcus Rashford EA FC 24
  • Opponent switching tactics or style of play.
    • Another factor that may not be immediately apparent but can alter the course of the game is when the opponent makes changes. If you’re leading 2-0 in a game, there’s a possibility that the other player becomes more focused, alters their playing style, or changes their tactics. This, too, can impact the result of the match.
Tactics Screen FC 24
  • Opposition players have more stamina.
    • FC 24 players often point out “Scripting” after losing a game in the dying moments. However, this can sometimes, but not always, be down to the other team’s stats. If their players possess higher stamina, they will outperform your tired players in the last few minutes of the game. This is something you can actually avoid by picking up players with high stamina or the Relentless PlayStyle.
Relentless PlayStyle icon

So, if you lose a match, remember that the developers aren’t out to get you. There could be multiple ways to explain why you didn’t win a game.

We won’t deny that some weird bugs and issues can result in you conceding goals. But in no way have they been put in to affect the outcome of matches to purposely make you lose.

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