MW3 sees Task Force 141 take on its toughest mission yet, and fans are worried that it will see Captain John Price die.

Captain John Price is the leader of Task Force 141 and a fan-favorite character in the Call of Duty games.

While his great leadership skills and impressive combat abilities have helped him evade death in the past, MW3 (2023) may be his final mission.

So, does Price die in MW3 (2023)? Below we explain exactly what happens to Price by the time MW3’s end credits roll.

Spoilers for MW3 (2023) & MW3 (2011) below.

Does Price Die in MW3?

It is currently unconfirmed whether Captain John Price will die in the MW3 (2023) reboot.

However, it is possible, as Elliot Knight, the actor for Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick, recently confirmed that there would be two “sad” deaths and one “good” death in MW3.

While confirmation on who the “sad” deaths will be, it is possible that Price will die in the line of duty while attempting to defeat Makarov.

After all, if Activision wants to surprise fans, then it’s unlikely they’ll kill the same characters that died in MW3 (2011) in the reboot version.

Price walking down a corridor with Soap behind him in MW3

It’s worth noting that Price does not die in the original MW3, unlike Yuri and John ‘Soap’ MacTavish, both of whom are killed in their attempts to capture or kill Makarov.

Instead, Price successfully kills Makarov at the end of the game by wrapping a cable around his throat and breaking the glass beneath him, forcing the two of them to fall and the cable to snap his neck.

You can witness Makarov’s death in the original MW3 in the video below:

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