Players hoping to start Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask DLC will want to know whether it has level scaling.

Level scaling is a feature typically found in RPGs where the enemies will level up with the player in order to keep a consistent level of challenge throughout.

Below, we explain how level scaling works in The Teal Mask and whether or not you’ll need to start a new save to experience a good level of challenge.

Does The Teal Mask Have Level Scaling?

Yes, the Teal Mask has a form of level scaling. The Pokemon you encounter will start at a different level depending on at what point you begin the DLC.

However, the Pokemon do not scale with you once you start the DLC, and there are fixed levels per location.

Here are what levels you can expect the Pokemon in The Teal Mask DLC to be depending on what point you begin the DLC:

Starting PointThe Teal Mask Pokemon Levels
After the Treasure Hunt Begins10 – 30
After the Main Game50 – 70
Hariyama fighting Poochyana in The Teal Mask

If you have beaten the game, then the Pokemon in the starting area of The Teal Mask will always be around level 55.

This means if you start The Teal Mask with level 70 Pokemon, you’ll still encounter level 55 Pokemon at the start.

We started The Teal Mask with a team of level 70 Pokemon after having finished the main story of Scarlet & Violet.

Although initially, the DLC was a little easy, the difficulty of the story battles ramped up, and by the end, even offered a decent challenge.

So, if you’re looking for the best consistent challenge, the ideal time to start the DLC is immediately after the Treasure Hunt begins when you have a party of Pokemon around level 10.

Alternatively, you can catch an entirely new team of Pokemon if you find your current one is too over-leveled.

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