Will playing LEGO Fortnite help you gain XP to grind out the Fortnite Battle Pass? We’ve got the answers, and everything you need to know:

The Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass has some incredible rewards to unlock, but many of them are far later in the pass than expected.

Family Guy’s Peter Griffin, for example, clocks in at Tier 70 – and the new Rocket Racing car requires even further grinding. Thankfully, Fortnite has three new modes to help players achieve their XP goals, but how does gaining XP work in LEGO Fortnite?

Can You Level Up the Battle Pass in LEGO Mode?

Yes, playing LEGO Fortnite will provide XP, which will level up your regular Battle Royale Battle Pass.

We can confirm that just being AFK in LEGO Fortnite will grant you 30,000 XP every 15 minutes, but XP gains are capped at 3.5 hours per day.

That’s 420,000 XP (or 5.25 levels) that you can earn for doing nothing. And of course, you can earn more than that for actually playing the game.

The LEGO Fortnite mode does not come with its own Battle Pass, meaning that all XP will go solely towards the ongoing Big Bang Battle Pass.

Earn XP Anywhere in Fortnite

However, the LEGO mode does not actually tell you that you’re gaining XP, nor did it tell me when I leveled up. Players must manually check their profile XP to see their gains, or leave the match and check it from the manu.

With Rocket Racing and the new Guitar Hero-inspired Fortnite Festival to play in addition to this new LEGO collab, players should have no issues hitting Tier 100.

Fans can now choose to play Fortnite however they choose, without having to worry about playing any particular mode or experience.

Is LEGO Fortnite Good for XP Farming?

LEGO Fortnite is a great method of XP farming in Fortnite. However, it is slower than standard Battle Royale modes if a player is completing their Daily and Weekly quests in BR.

The best way to farm XP is likely by using a mixture of all available modes, due to challenges being the best source of experience points.

LEGO Fortnite Dinosaur Screenshot

Doing three daily challenges in Battle Royale will earn you 15k a piece, but then XP will slow down unless you either perform well in-game or complete other available missions.

The same can be said for the rest of Fortnite’s modes, which makes playing a little of each mode the best method for XP gain.

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