Yes, James dies in both The Last of Us game and episode 8 of the TV show. He has his throat cut by Ellie as she attempts to escape David’s cannibalistic colony.

In the scuffle to escape, Ellie grabs a butcher’s knife, that James uses to chop up his victims and throws it at his neck, killing him.

Many fans may surprisingly be sad to see James go, as he is played by a returning actor from the 2013 The Last of Us video game!

James dies the same way in the TV show as in the video game. Ellie similarly slices his throat while escaping, much to the chagrin of David.

You can actually watch James’ death scene in the video game below:

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How Does James Die in The Last of Us

James has his throat cut open by Ellie. She grabs a butcher’s knife while escaping and swipes it at James, killing him.

Ellie manages to run away from David and kill James by tricking them into believing they’re infected. She bites David and claims he’s infected, as she had been bitten in the past.

James believes this and gets into an argument with David, backing away from him in fear. Fortunately for Ellie, this gives her just enough time to grab the knife and kill James before running away.

After this explosive penultimate episode, fans are likely wondering what happens to Joel and Ellie in the finale. Fortunately, you can get a sneak peek at the last episode right now!

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