Fortnite Festival is the latest and greatest mode to come to Epic Games’ Battle Royale title, but will the experience contribute towards Battle Pass XP?

It’s been a big week for Fortnite. Not only have we seen the release of Chapter 5 Season 1, but also Epic Games has dropped three new modes for all players to enjoy.

After the launch of LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing, now Guitar Hero-inspired mode Fortnite Festival is joining the fun – but is it worth playing to level up your Battle Pass?

Can You Level Up the Battle Pass in Fortnite Festival?

Yes, Fortnite Festival will let you earn XP and level up both your Fortnite BR Battle Pass (AKA the Big Bang Battle Pass) and the new ‘Opening Night’ Festival Pass.

Even though this mode does come with its own Festival Pass, allowing players to gain points and unlock The Weeknd’s collab skin, it also provides XP for your standard Battle Pass.

This was confirmed via an in-game message inside Fortnite:

Earn XP Anywhere in Fortnite

Players won’t have to worry about picking a pass to rank up, as both will see results from your hard work in-game.

However, the Fortnite Festival Battle Pass will only progress when you’re playing the new mode, and won’t level up from Rocket Racing, Lego Fortnite, or Battle Royale modes.

Is Fortnite Festival Good for XP Farming?

No, Fortnite Festival does not appear to be a good way to farm XP for your Battle Pass. However, it’s a fun and easy way to play, and the better your band performs – the more XP you’ll rake in.

After performing well in 5 different songs, our Battle Pass advanced only a small amount. However, our matchmaking band members didn’t perform so hot, which could have contributed to the lower XP gain.

From our testing, it appears that the fastest way to level up the Battle Pass would be to play a mixture of all the Fortnite modes, to complete their daily challenges – rather than sticking to just one mode.

However Fortnite Festival’s daily challenges don’t give out Battle Pass XP, unlike those in other modes. Instead, they dish out points for the Festival Pass.

Fortnite Festival The Weeknd Key Art

It’s also worth pointing out that Fortnite Festival does at least let you switch off your brain a little more than Battle Royale mode, so it’s an easier source of XP for those who are looking for it.

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