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Does FaZe Snoop Dogg Play Call of Duty Warzone?

With Snoop Dogg joining FaZe Clan, many fans are wondering if the rapper plays any of the Call of Duty titles, especially Warzone.

Following their Super Bowl performance that broke the internet, popular rapper and electric lettuce savant Snoop Dogg is now a part of the FaZe Clan.

Also, Call of Duty 2023 has been delayed by Activision, with the publisher trying to fix the state of the existing titles.

But if you want to catch Snoop Dogg streaming Call of Duty Warzone, it might happen in the near future. Here’s what compels us to think so.

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snoop dogg warzone pacific season 2 call of duty
Activision/Snoop Dogg

Will Snoop Dogg Play Call of Duty Warzone?

While Call of Duty fans are excited about Warzone 2 announcement, many in the community are wondering if the FaZe Clan’s latest member Snoop Dogg will play Warzone.

Recently, FaZe Clan announced their newest member of the board of directors and it is none other than the rapper extraordinaire — Snoop Dogg.

As a result, fans of the organization are wondering if the rapper would play Call of Duty games on stream.

With Snoop Dogg’s Operator skin soon making its way to Warzone and Vanguard, we believe they will take to their Twitch to promote the skin.

Additionally, FaZe Clan is one of the biggest names in Call of Duty space. So it’s right on brand for the rapper to dive into Warzone with the likes of FaZe Swagg and Nickmercs.

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what games does snoop dogg play madden 22 nfl
Snoop Dogg

What Games Does Snoop Dogg Play Right Now?

You can catch Snoop Dogg streaming regularly on their Twitch channel. Here’s a list of games they have played recently on stream:

  • Madden NFL 22 – Most Played
  • MLB The Show 21
  • NBA 2K20
  • Prominence Poker

Although they haven’t played Call of Duty on stream in recent years, the rapper hosted Gangsta Gaming League (GGL), with Modern Warfare 2019 Multiplayer being a part of the league.

In other news, Activision will be supporting Modern Warfare 2 with Warzone 2 and another F2P title. It seems the decision to take a gap year means exciting content for 2022’s COD title.

On top of this, we’ll also have King Kong and Godzilla cameo in Call of Duty Warzone, according to a leak.

Finally, if you’re dropping in Caldera, make sure to carry the best loadouts with you:

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