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Does Elden Ring Have Difficulty Settings – Can You Change Them?

Elden Ring can prove to be difficult for unsuspecting players. Thankfully, Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki has shared some insight on how difficulty works.

One thing about FromSoftware is that their games have proven to be quite difficult. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro were all games that required players to learn intricate enemy patterns and master the art of parrying.

Elden Ring looks to be no different. For this reason, Hidetaka Miyazaki, Elden Ring’s game director, elaborated on how difficulty would work in Elden Ring in any interview with Famitsu.

Here’s everything he said about this topic.

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Elden Ring Overview Trailer

Director Confirms Elden Ring Gameplay Difficulty Details

Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that Elden Ring will not have difficulty options.

In his interview with Famitsu, Miyazaki Hidetaka has confirmed that there will not be difficulty options in Elden Ring. This is to be expected since Elden Ring seems to follow the same suit as past Souls games.

As the first Soulslike game of this caliber and the first open-world setting that FromSoftware has developed, Elden Ring brings a slew of changes to the Souls formula.

Although encounters are expected to be difficult, Miyazaki has reassured players that there will be ways to make battles easier.

One of these ways will be by allowing players to play cooperatively. This means that if a boss is giving you a difficult time, you will be able to summon up to three other players to help you.

This allows players to focus on a more tactical approach towards fights rather than basing everything on skills. This is also emphasized by the newly added stealth mode players can use to their advantage.

Spirits will also function as powerful NPC allies that players will be able to summon to help them throughout their adventures. These spirits are souls from fallen enemies that you have defeated. They can be collected and upgraded to fit the players’ needs.

Elden Ring Open World

Is Elden Ring as Difficult as Dark Souls?

Miyazaki has stated that Elden Ring is hard to compare to Dark Souls and that although they are equal in difficulty, Elden Ring will present players with more options in regards to their approach.

Elden Ring has made it easier for players to access multiplayer and summon friends to help them on their journey than past Dark Souls games.

Skills are also tackled differently in Elden Ring. In Dark Souls 3, some skills would be tied to different weapons. In Elden Ring, this is not the case, allowing players to experiment more with their builds.

Elden Ring will also offer players more freedom in terms of how they approach the general scope of the game. As an open-world game, players will be free to explore different areas. But there will be Dark Souls style maps which Elden Ring will refer to as “legacy.”

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Should Elden Ring Have an Easy Mode?

Part of what makes Elden Ring so unique is how the difficulty pushes players to be creative with their approach. If an Easy Mode were implemented, it would take away from that.

Elden Ring is a game that players can experience at their own pace. The open-world nature encourages players to try out different builds and engage bosses at their own pace.

You don’t need to defeat bosses to constantly be presented with different areas. In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Hidetaka Miyazaki explained that he wants players to feel freedom.

That is one of the core values that he hopes Elden Ring can feel liberating for players. There is no pressure to keep pushing forward. Explore at your own pace and grow at your own pace.

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Elden Ring Spirits

Will Elden Ring Be Harder Than Sekiro?

No, Miyazaki expects players to find Elden Ring easier than Sekiro due to a few changes they have implemented.

In Elden Ring, players will call upon their friends or other experienced players for help through summoning. This multiplayer component alone will allow players to have an easier time with Elden Ring.

In Sekiro, there was no multiplayer. This meant if players were stuck on a particular level or boss, they wouldn’t be able to progress until they beat them using their skills solely.

In Elden Ring, players are allowed to take a more tactical approach with a wide variety of skills using Focus Points and the help of spirits.

Many consider Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice one of the most challenging games FromSoftware has ever released.

Elden Ring Dragon Incantations

Also, for players looking to get a head start, make sure to find which starting class is right for you!

Finally, Keepsakes can make a huge difference in your playthrough, so make sure you know what Keepsakes are and what they do!

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