Everyone is already familiar with the cooperative multiplayer aspects of Diablo 4, but will Blizzard include any PvP modes?

PvP (Player vs. Player) modes tend to bring more competition to a game and usually have unobtainable rewards in the game’s single-player portion.

But not every multiplayer game has a PvP component. Diablo 3 didn’t include anything of the sort, but thankfully it looks like Blizzard took a different approach with Diablo 4.

Is There PvP Multiplayer in Diablo 4?

Yes, Diablo 4 does have PvP multiplayer in the form of the Fields of Hatred, but it isn’t unlocked until players complete the game’s main storyline, which can take roughly 35 hours to beat.

This is entirely different from the usual multiplayer in Diablo 4, where players can play cooperatively with friends.

Once in the Fields of Hatred, players will need to “Mark for Blood” from their quick wheel to turn on the PvP mode.

When you enable “Mark for Blood,” your character becomes Bloodmarked and can attack other players in the Fields of Hatred.

The player that obtains the most kills in the Fields of Hatred will become “Hatred’s Chosen.” This will reveal that player’s location to everyone on the map.

When the player who has become “Hatred’s Chosen” survives for enough time, they will earn powerful rewards to use on their character.

Diablo 4 PvP

What Are the Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4?

The Fields of Hatred is an endgame area in Diablo 4 where players can engage in PvP and obtain powerful rewards for their characters.

Thankfully, despite being an endgame area, the gameplay loop is pretty straightforward:

  1. The main goal of this area is to obtain the unique currency in the Fields of Hatred called Seeds of Hatred.
  2. Players can earn this currency by killing mobs, finding chests, defeating bosses, and other in-game events.
    • But if you die while in the Fields of Hatred, other players can come up to your seeds and take them for themselves.
    • If you leave the Fields of Hatred, you’ll lose any Seeds of Hatred you had on your character. To keep them in your inventory, you need to purify them first.
    • If you become Bloodmarked (Enable PvP), you can defeat other players and steal their Seeds of Hatred.
  3. To purify the Seeds of Hatred, you need to bring them to the Altars of Extraction to perform a purification ritual.
  4. This will convert the seeds to Red Dust and add them to your inventory.
  5. Players can use Red Dust to purchase items from vendors located in the Fields of Hatred.

This is generally how the gameplay works in the Field of Hatreds, and players can go about it without even turning PvP on.

But playing PvP will net players its own rewards that are difficult to obtain in other areas. Just make sure to bring a strong character like the Whirlwind Barbarian, or other players will hunt you.