Yes, David dies in both The Last of Us game and episode 8 of the TV show. He is brutally killed by Ellie during the fight scene in the burning restaurant.

Ellie uses his machete to stab him while he is off guard. This knocks him back, leaving him open for Ellie to continue stabbing him until Joel pulls her away.

Many fans may not have seen this coming, especially due to David’s more kind and calm behavior compared to his henchman James, who is played by a returning voice actor from The Last of Us!

David’s death is actually the catalyst for future events. It has serious repercussions that will greatly impact Ellie, her behavior, and ultimately her actions in the upcoming seasons of The Last of Us.

His death plays out in the same way in both the 2013 video game and TV show. Much like in the show, David is stabbed multiple times by Ellie using a machete.

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You can see David’s horrifying death in the video game in the clip below:

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How Does David Die in The Last of Us?

Ellie stabs David multiple times with a machete while the building around them burns down. However, prior to that, David is wounded by Ellie’s switchblade and loses a lot of blood.

Ellie’s attack on David is so brutally unforgiving that she doesn’t recognize Joel as she stumbles out of the building.

Of course, fans wanting to know how Joel and Ellie’s adventure will wrap up after episode 8 can get a sneak peek at the series’ future right now.

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