Yes, Bill unfortunately and tragically dies in The Last of Us TV show. He dies alongside his partner Frank who he marries just before dying.

This is completely different from the video game in which Bill does not die but rather continues to live in Lincoln after giving Joel and Ellie his truck.

Of course, to truly understand why Bill dies in The Last of Us TV show, you have to appreciate what his relationship with Frank truly is.

Nick Offerman as Bill in The Last of Us TV show
Credit – HBO

How Does Bill Die in The Last of Us TV Show?

Bill dies by drinking wine laced with enough crushed-up pills to kill himself and Frank. This was at the request of Frank, who decided to end his own life due to his incurable illness.

While initially it was just meant to be Frank who was to die, Bill eventually decided to go with him out of love.

Bill wanted the two of them to die together, as he felt there was no point going on without Frank. After finishing their meal and deadly wine, they go to their bedroom, where they die in their sleep.

Alas, Bill isn’t the only character to be killed off in The Last of Us TV show. In fact, another beloved character suffers a truly grizzly fate in an earlier episode.

Credit – HBO

When Does Bill Die in The Last of Us TV Show?

Bill dies at the end of The Last of Us Season 1, episode 3, titled Long, Long Time. He and Frank die in the scene prior to Joel and Ellie arriving at his house.

In The Last of Us video game, Bill does not die, nor do he and Frank have such a tender and romantic relationship.

While he is mentioned in The Last of Us Part 2, he is not seen nor heard of. Therefore, we can only assume that he continued to live out his days defending the small town of Lincoln.

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