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Do You Need Nintendo Switch Online to Play Splatoon 3?

Many players will be getting their splatting on for the first time, but is Nintendo Switch Online needed to play Splatoon 3?

Inklings and Octolings across the world can finally play the third Splatoon game. If you’ve been as excited as us, you’ll be wanting to hop on and play some Turf War as soon as possible!

While you may be hoping to get painting soon, you may be wondering if you need to spend extra money on a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

So, can you play Splatoon 3 without paying for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription? Or is it required before you start playing?

Is a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Required for Splatoon 3?

No, you won’t need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play Splatoon but your options will be limited.

The main thing you can play without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is the Story mode, as it’s completely single-player. You can access this mode by pressing “X” to bring up the map and selecting “The Crater” option.

You can also play LAN, or Local Area Network with friends without a Nintendo Switch Online thanks to The Shoal area. To access The Shoal, press “X” to bring up the map and select The Shoal option.

If you’re playing any mode for the first time, you find motion-controlled aiming confusing. If you’ve played any shooter game, you may be wondering whether motion or stick aiming is better in Splatoon 3.

However, if you can, we recommend purchasing a Nintendo Switch Online membership and playing Splatoon 3 online. You can find most of the fun by playing online against other players or playing the cooperative Salmon Run experience.

And if you manage to get a membership, find out how to join or play with friends on Splatoon 3!

Nonetheless, you can experience some of what Splatoon 3 offers without paying for an NSO membership!

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Comments 4


Thursday 13th of October 2022

This is helpful but, this brings up a question: back in Splatoon 1, there was a Battle Dojo mode where you could play with two people or more using the same system offline; will a mode like that be available for Splatoon 3? Just curiosity


Thursday 13th of October 2022

Aside from that though, this helped, so thanks!

Avram Iraheta

Saturday 17th of September 2022

Does Tableturf Battle require Switch Online Subscription?


Thursday 22nd of September 2022

@Avram Iraheta, You can play against NPCs in the game but you are required to have a Nintendo switch online subscription in order to play against other players.