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Do Warzone Streamers Get Easier Lobbies? NICKMERCS, Aydan & More

New research reveals whether Warzone streamers get easier lobbies or not.

Warzone streamers are, of course, some of the best players to play the game. However, many viewers claim that they get easier lobbies than the majority of players.

Finally, this debate has now been ended, thanks to some new research by a member of the Warzone community.

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Does SBMM Favour Top Streamers?

Warzone player dispassionDOTblog, who previously revealed exactly how SBMM works in Warzone, has now run some tests to see whether Warzone streamers get easier lobbies. The results are certainly surprising.

For this test, he measured the average median KD of lobbies featuring small streamers and players who don’t stream and compared this to the average median KD of lobbies featuring the Top 5 Warzone streamers. These streamers are NICKMERCS, Timthetatman, Swagg, Symfuhny, Aydan.

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NICKMERCS Warzone AUG Broken Gun

dispassionDOTblog’s initial findings show that the top streamers do in fact play in easier lobbies the majority of the time. However, this is not because the Warzone matchmaking system puts them in lobbies with lower-skilled players.

The findings show that the top Warzone streamers compete in lower average KD lobbies is because they compete in kill race tournaments. This means that top streamers often compete as a duo in the Quads game mode.

Therefore, dispassionDOTblog then tested again using only matches where the streamers were in squads of the same size as their opponents. This was to get fair results

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Warzone Streamers Don’t Have Easier Lobbies

When removing the games that streamers played against teams with more players than their squad, the average median KD is so close that three is basically no difference. This shows that streamers don’t get matchmaked into easy lobbies.

In conclusion: top Warzone players often play against lower-skilled players, but that is only because of different team sizes. When playing against squads of the same player count, top streamers are put in the lobbies of the same difficulty as everyone else.

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In addition to this news about Warzone streamers, there has been loads of news regarding the upcoming map in Warzone. A leak has revealed the layout of the new Warzone map.

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Additionally, a new Warzone teaser has revealed what part of Verdansk the zombies are heading to next. They’ll take over all of Verdansk as this rate!

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