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Do Warzone Hacker Ban Waves Work? September 2021

Do ban waves for Warzone hackers actually work? Warzone expert and YouTuber JGOD doesn’t seem to think so.

Hackers have been a major problem in Warzone since the game launched last year. However, the number of cheaters playing the game seems to have been rising for a long time.

Luckily, developer Raven Software has recently released the biggest Warzone ban wave ever, which banned 100,000 hackers. And now, just yesterday, 50,000 more cheaters were banned.

Despite this, many players, including YouTuber JGOD believes that the ban waves do next to nothing to stop hackers from playing Warzone. But why?

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Warzone Cheater Ban Waves Don’t Work

In Season 5, cheaters are using new teleport hacks in Warzone and there are more hackers than ever thanks to players being able to download Warzone cheat software on console.

This has prompted 2 huge ban waves to remove cheaters from the game, but they don’t work. Many players are still falling victim to hackers after the ban waves, including JGOD.

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This is because Warzone most hackers just make a brand new account after they get banned.

Although some Warzone cheaters are getting hardware bans now, this is not the case for most hackers. Therefore, the only way to stop hackers once and for all is an improved anti-cheat system.

Luckily, Warzone is getting a new map soon with improved anti-cheat. However, this is still a few months away, so players will have to put up with ban waves being the only method to remove hackers until then.

In other news, Call of Duty is teasing a Judge Dredd operator coming to Warzone and Cold War. How would this compare to the other action heroes in the game?

Also, Warzone players want a huge change to the game’s crossplay. This would also help stop hackers.

Finally, players have found a previously unknown hitbox for Warzone character models. This changes plenty of the meta weapons.

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Thursday 2nd of September 2021

I played six games last night and four were won by blatant, unabashed cheaters. So no would be my answer.