If you’re fighting alongside your companion in Starfield and see them using their fists instead of their gun, you may be wondering if they need ammo.

Companions will fight tooth and nail for you in Starfield, but you’ll need to keep them stocked up with the best gear and guns.

However, if you’re wondering whether you also need to give them ammo, the answer is quite simple. Fortunately, it’s also very cost-effective.

Do Companions Need Ammo in Starfield?

Yes, companions need ammo in their inventories in order to shoot guns. You will need to manually put the correct ammunition for the gun they have equipped in their inventory.

However, you only need to give them 1 round of ammunition. They will use it infinitely and won’t need to be resupplied.

This applies to all ammunition types, as companions don’t seem to actually consume any ammo. They just need at least 1 round in their inventory to use a gun.

A box of ammunition in Starfield

If you give your companion a gun and no ammo, they won’t use it. Instead, they will use their fists and punch any enemies you encounter.

Before you give your companion ammo, it’s important to check what type of ammo your companion’s gun uses.

To do this, go into their inventory by trading with them, and look for the Ammo section on the right when you select their gun.

A gun in the player's inventory in Starfield with the ammo section highlighted

Once you’ve checked this, you just need to give just 1 round of ammo to your companion. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Talk to your companion
  • Select “Let’s trade gear.”
  • Open your inventory
    • Press LB on Xbox and Q on PC
  • Select Ammo
  • Choose the ammo you wish to trade
  • Move the slider until it says 1
  • Confirm

It’s an incredibly cost-effective way to ensure that your companion can hold their own in a fight. Just make sure to also give them the correct ammo if you ever switch out their gun.

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