There’s a new glitch in DMZ that allows players to extract a Weapon Case with no hassle from other players.

DMZ is proving to be a huge success, as Activision dips its toe into the extraction shooter market. The Free-to-Play mode lets players explore Al Mazrah at their leisure, while looting up and completing objectives should they choose.

But DMZ also has some excellent rewards up for grabs, should players know where to look. And a Weapon Case is perhaps the hottest reward on the map, which the whole lobby wants to get their hands on.

Extract With a Weapon Case DMZ

But there’s one DMZ reward that’s even more enticing than a Weapon Case. Here’s the easiest way to get the M13B Assault Rifle in DMZ and unlock it for multiplayer and Warzone!

Easiest Way to Get a Weapon Case in DMZ

There’s a new glitch that allows you to extract a Weapon Case in DMZ without any pressure from other players. Here’s how it’s performed:

  • First, wait until an enemy squad picks up a Weapon Case in your DMZ game. This doesn’t happen every game, but you’ll get a large ‘Weapon Case Stolen’ alert when a player comes into contact with the item.
Weapon Case Stolen in DMZ
The Weapon Case Stolen alert will pop-up when another player picks up the Weapon Case
Credit: GeekyPastimes
  • You’ll now be able to see the player holding the Weapon Case on your map so watch the enemy squad closely.
  • They’ll likely head to one of the 3 active Exfil locations in DMZ, and attempt to extract. Let them do so.
  • Then, head to their last position and wait for the Exfil to become available once again.
Where to Find a Weapon Case in DMZ
Watch where the Weapon Case is moving and head to the same Exfil site
Credit: GeekyPastimes
  • When it does, call in the extraction chopper, board it, and lie prone in the middle of the helicopter, facing the cockpit.
  • Mash Square, X, F, or whatever button you have bound to pick up/interact.
  • When the helicopter begins to leave, you’ll be able to grab the Weapon Case which clips through the chopper just before extraction.
DMZ Weapon Case Glitch
The Weapon Case will stay at the top of the map and you can grab it as you exfil if you’re fast enough
Credit: GeekyPastimes
  • Then, a second later, you’ll have extracted with it successfully, without any chance of an enemy team stopping you!

Here are all 7 rewards you can get for extracting with the Weapon Case in DMZ! You’ll definitely want that Biohazard Operator skin!

For some reason, the Weapon Case does not de-spawn in DMZ right now, instead remaining in the sky right where it was extracted. This new Weapon Case glitch will allow squads to easily get their hands on the rare item, without even having to battle an enemy team.

Thanks to GeekyPastimes for showing us this Weapon Case glitch in DMZ. Check out his full video guide on successfully extracting with the case below:

Plus check out all Faction Missions in DMZ here for a detailed guide on keeping every organization in Al Mazrah happy!

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