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DMR, Diamatti & Mac-10 Warzone Nerf is Live – What’s Changed

The Warzone DMR and Diamatti Nerf is finally live, along with more balancing updates to other overpowered guns.

Raven Software has revealed that the Warzone balancing patch is finally going live. This huge patch had been announced previously but no time frame had been given.

Players have been waiting for the nerfs for weeks, as the games have been plagued by overpowered weapons.

Warzone Nerf Update

DMR-14 Nerf Changes

The one everyone was waiting for. Raven has announced that the DMR has been nerfed in two different ways.

The headshot damage has been decreased, while the recoil has been increased. Let’s hope this means that the gun can no longer two-shot players from ridiculous ranges.

Best DMR 14 Warzone Loadout

DMR-14 Nerf Changes in Warzone

Type 63 Nerf Changes

The Type 63 is the DMR’s hipster cousin. While less popular than the DMR, it can be even more deadly in the hands of a skilled player.

This has been given exactly the same nerf treatment as the DMR for Warzone. The Type 63’s headshot damage and increased recoil.

Best Type 63 Warzone Loadout

Type 63 Nerf Changes in Warzone

MAC-10 Nerf Changes

The MAC-10 SMG has also been nerfed, rather controversially. Many players believe that the gun is just very strong, rather than overpowered.

However, this is not how Warzone Developer Raven saw it. The MAC-10 may not be the king of close range any more after the nerf.

It now has reduced headshot damage. For an SMG, this is not a huge deal, but players will be able to notice a slight difference.

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Best Mac-10 Warzone Loadout

Mac-10 Nerf Changes Warzone

Diamatti Nerf Changes

Another hugely controversial gun, it seems like the Dual Wield Diamattis were the second most popular Warzone nerf candidate, after the DMR.

It was way too powerful for a secondary weapon so the increased hipfire spread and decreased damage range will hopefully change that. These changes apply to all dual wield guns in Warzone too, but the Diamattis were the real problem.

Best Diamatti Warzone Loadout

Diamatti Nerf Changes in Warzone
Raven Software Twitter

After the Warzone DMR nerf, maybe players can have some fun again. A fan-favorite mode has finally returned in Warzone.

Raven Software might also have some time to look into some other Warzone glitches. Find out how a player managed to get into the Gulag with his loadout.

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