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Dirt 5’s 4K Visual Modes Look Stunning On Xbox Series X

Dirt 5 will be making its Xbox Series X debut next month as a launch title. The game will also feature a variety of visual options, each customised to the player’s preferences.

Various sources have now published footage featuring some of Dirt 5’s 4K visual modes in action. Each prioritising different aspects of the visual experience, and based on what the player values most.

Players can decide to prioritise frame rate or resolution as they see fit. The frame rate mode prioritises this visual aspect; but at the cost of resolution quality, allowing the game to run at a crisp 60fps.

While the resolution mode allows the game to run dynamically in 4K, but sacrifices the frame rate. Although it still runs at a solid 30fps.

All gamers are different, and frame rate means more to some than others. Dirt 5 will ensure both camps are satisfied.

But its Dirt 5’s third mode that has us really intrigued. This mode allows the game to run in full 4K resolution, but at a staggering 120fps!

However, this will only be available to players who own a more modern TV, specifically one that supports HDMI 2.1.

Dirt 5 Was Built With Next Gen Power In Mind

Dirt 5 was originally set to be released in October but was held back so it could be released concurrently across both console generations.

This means the developers had more time to polish the Xbox Series X version. This way the game could take advantage of the console’s higher spec.

Check out Digital Foundry’s full breakdown of Dirt 5’s 4K visual modes in action:

Visuals like this are impressive. Combined with what we’ve seen of the Xbox Series X’s load times, there’s a lot to be excited about come November 10th.

It will also be interesting to see if other games adopt this practice for their 4K visuals.