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Demon’s Souls PS5 Improvements and Multiplayer – What Should We Expect?

Sony’s PS5 showcase event recently provided lots of tantalizing game trailers, each demonstrating what the console is capable of. But it was the remake of PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls on PS5 that really caught our attention.

We covered Demon’s Souls earlier in September, explaining why Demon’s Souls deserves another chance. The PS5 is finally making this dream a reality.

Bluepoint Games have given Demon's Souls the ground-up remake treatment. As a result, Demon’s Souls PS5 looks visually stunning.

While every game at Sony’s event looked stunning in their own way; there’s a reason why Demon’s Souls stood out.

The reason is simple; it's because we've got something to compare it with. Ever since it was unveiled, Demon’s Souls PS5 has been compared to its PS3 counterpart – and the difference is incredible.

It's also been compared favourably to other SoulsBorne games on the PS4. To put it in simple terms; FROM SOFTWARE’s gothic masterpiece has never looked so good.

Digital Foundry’s Impressions of Demon's Souls PS5

Receiving the seal of approval from Digital Foundry is most coveted by games developers. It’s also now something Demon’s Souls PS5 can now boast about having.

The Digital Foundry team recently broke down the Demon’s Souls PS5 trailer. They were suitably impressed by what they found too.

They've provided a full technical breakdown reported that major improvements have been made thanks to the power of the PS5.

They also confirmed that despite a high amount of environmental additions and details, the game can run at a consistent 1440p along with 60fps. Something the PS4 Pro may even find too taxing on this scale.

Of course, Digital Foundry are referring to the demo only in this breakdown. But if this is reflective of the finished product then fans of Demon’s Souls PS5 will have a lot to look forward to come release day.

Killer Multiplayer

It’s interesting that it’s a remake of an existing PlayStation game which has Sony fans so excited for PS5. The original Demon’s Souls, while a critical success, struggled to win over western gamers leading to relatively low sales.

Although it’s spiritual successor; Dark Souls and its sequels rekindled (see what we did there?) interest in Demon’s Souls. Those who enjoyed Dark Souls were keen to see where it all started, and Demon’s Souls developed a cult following.

The Souls games are infamous for their difficult gameplay, but most importantly their utterly brutal multiplayer. Demon’s Souls in particular featured a system that could be nothing short of savage at times.

All of the Souls games (including Bloodborne) have offered the means to ‘invade’ another players world and truly ruin their day. Stealing their stash of carefully gathered souls currency and generally hindering their progress – to either help with their own or just sadistic pleasure.

Demon’s Souls though forces this behaviour on the player. Upon being killed – which you will be, a lot – players enter ‘Soul Form’. While in this state they are unable to progress in the main campaign until they return to life.

To do so, they must invade another players game and battle that player to the death. If successful, they will steal that player’s life and be able to continue – forcing that player to now go and do that to someone else.

Danger and Tension

This creates an endless cycle of death and rebirth. Pitting player vs player and the added tension of knowing your own game could be invaded by an undead vengeful ghost at any time.

The thought of an invasion can be very stressful, especially if you’ve made significant progress and gathered plenty of souls. The games currency.

You’re vulnerable until you reach a safe zone, and less skilled players will be lambs to the slaughter to more experienced players.

There’s only one solution really, come the release of Demon’s Souls PS5, which itself is a digital launch title; either ‘git gud’ or prepare to die a lot.

Demons Souls PS5's release dates are the 12th or 19th November 2020.


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