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Die Maschine Coming to COD Mobile? – New Tease Hints at Zombies Map

Could COD Mobile be getting Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Die Maschine map? A new tease certainly indicates that it’s likely.

Over the last few years, COD Mobile has grown from a small side title into a fully-fledged Call of Duty experience. In fact, many would argue that COD Mobile is actually getting more support than some of Activision’s other major titles.

It looks like Battlefield Mobile is coming to compete with Call of Duty in future, due to the success of the franchise.

But one thing that Call of Duty Mobile is certainly lacking is the presence of a real Zombies experience. Those who have been playing for some time might be familiar with the old Zombies mode in COD Mobile, but the undead survival hasn’t been in the game for some time.

die maschine cod mobile Black Ops Cold War zombies
(Source: Activision)

Right now, the Chinese version of COD Mobile has access to the Shi No Numa Zombies map, suggesting that ports of classic locales may be coming. And Activision promises that the rest of the world will get a new Zombies experience in COD Mobile soon.

But could Die Maschine be coming to COD Mobile in a future update? This new tease seems to suggest that the Cold War Zombies map will return.

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COD Mobile Zombies – Die Maschine Black Ops Cold War Map

The next Zombies map arriving in COD Mobile could be Die Maschine from Black Ops Cold War, according to a new tease.

Right now, on the Brazillian App Store, a new icon is showing up for Call of Duty Mobile. And in that icon, we get an early look at the Zombies game mode that’s returning to COD Mobile very soon.

In case you haven’t seen, we’ve got a guide to Die Maschine’s Easter Egg and boss fight here.

The icon displays a zombified version of Primis Richtofen, one of the antagonists of the original Zombies storyline, alongside Ghost. But what’s particularly interesting is that the image’s background looks a little familiar.

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Reddit user ragehall points out that the image’s background looks to be taken from an image of the Dark Aether from the Black Ops Cold War Die Maschine map. However, it has since been discovered out that the image in question is actually a render by Lucas Vice.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see if Activision is able to recreate the full Die Maschine experience on COD Mobile! And, speaking of new Zombies maps, there’s a brand-new Mauer Der Toten trailer dropping today too!

We recently got a leak for Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops 2, and a standalone Zombies game! We’d certainly like to see another game focussing solely on Call of Duty’s popular Zombies mode.

Be sure to play the new Mauer Der Toten prologue mission here! Meanwhile, it looks as though Call of Duty Vanguard will have a Zombies mode, developed by Treyarch!

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