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Did These Warzone Streamers Cheat SBMM To Get An Easy Lobby?

A Warzone player has posted a suspicious screenshot of a squad of highly skilled Warzone streamers being placed in a very easy lobby. Did they cheat?

The way Warzone operates, players should always join games with other players of a similar skill level. This is called skill-based matchmaking or SBMM.

This is a very controversial topic for Warzone players, with many hating the system. However, some players have found a way around it.

Warzone Season 2

Do Streamers Cheat SBMM?

A new post from Redditor ChainingCactus claims that a squad of highly skilled Warzone streamers was placed into a very easy lobby. The players in question, Crowder, LensEffect Symfuhny, and Wagnificent all have KD ratios ranging from 3 to 6, which makes them some of the very top players in the world.

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If Warzone's SBMM was working, they should have been placed into a lobby full of other top players. However, they were playing in a Bronze 3 level lobby full of low-skill players.

This brings into question whether SBMM favors streamers over regular players or whether streamers cheat to bypass SBMM. Find out here whether top streamers like NICKMERCS and Aydan get easier lobbies in Warzone.

How Do Warzone Streamers Get Easy Lobbies?

There's no simple answer to this question, as there are a couple of methods to get easy Warzone lobbies. There's also nothing to suggest that any of these streamers did cheat.

The first way they could have been put into an easy lobby is down to luck as well as the time of day they were playing. This is totally fine and involves no cheating or hacks whatsoever.

Warzone's SBMM system is less effective at certain times of the day because there are fewer players playing then. Find out the best time of day to play Warzone to get an easy lobby here.

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However, these players could also be using a VPN to be put in an easy lobby, like these Warzone streamers who were accused of manipulating SBMM. Some people consider this cheating, while others have no problem with it.

JackFrags' research into Warzone's SBMM revealed the best region to play Warzone in to get easy lobbies.

To sum it all up, these streamers could have just been very lucky, or they could have been using a VPN. It's very difficult to tell whether a Warzone player is cheating, but this does show that even bronze level lobbies can have top players in them.

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Meanwhile, players will want to check out what game modes have changed in the March 18 Warzone Playlist Update. You might stand a better chance of avoiding highly skilled Warzone streamers in a lobby for a different game mode!

Also, Warzone looks like it will be getting a new map soon. Have a peek at the first image of the new Warzone map here.

Additionally, more details about the upcoming map have leaked. The new Warzone map could have even more players and locations.

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