Witnessing Ghost die in the original MW2 Campaign was one of the most memorable moments in Call of Duty history, but does the character also die in the reboot?

Ghost was very much the face of Modern Warfare 2 (2022), and features heavily in the game’s marketing and promotional materials. The character first appeared in the original MW2 (2009), where he had a short but sweet time in the spotlight before his tragic death.

In the fifteenth mission of the first MW2’s Campaign, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley and the player character, Roach, are suddenly betrayed and shot dead by General Shepherd.

But does Ghost meet a similar end in the new MW2 Campaign?

Does Ghost Die in MW2 Campaign (2022)?

No, despite another betrayal from General Shepherd in MW2 2022, Ghost does not die in the new Modern Warfare 2 Campaign.

This time, the soldier survives until the very end of the game, setting up his place in this year’s sequel: MW3.

Ghost in MW2 Promo Material

In fact, Ghost’s role is much more prominent this time around, and together with the other members of Task Force 141 and Los Vaqueros, he becomes part of Ghost Team shortly before the final showdown against Hassan.

How Is Ghost Alive in MW2?

Ghost is alive and well in MW2 (2022) because it takes place on the rebooted timeline that began in Modern Warfare (2019).

Therefore, Ghost being shot and killed by Shepherd hasn’t happened in the reboot – at least not yet.

It’s worth noting that Shepherd is still alive, and his location is unknown as we go into MW3. However, General Shepherd is a slightly different character in the reboot, and we only ever see him behind a desk in various cutscenes – making him far less likely to get a chance to shoot Ghost.

For those who fancy some heartbreak, you can relive Ghost’s original tragic death scene in this clip from the MW2 Remastered Campaign below:

Ghost’s fate could still play out in a similar way this time around, but given that the General’s betrayal is already known, the soldier won’t be caught off-guard so easily.

And now that Makarov is finally coming into play in MW3, there will be plenty of opportunities for Ghost to die in the upcoming game. But at this moment in time, the fan-favorite character is alive and well.

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