It seems Diablo 4 also did a shadow nerf on Helltides after the 1.1 Patch Update, and players aren’t too happy with what that means for their farming.

This recent update has frustrated many players due to the amount of nerfs to their favorite builds and a few gameplay changes.

In the patch notes, it states that Helltides actually received a buff. With it, interactable objects now have a small chance of dropping Cinders.

Diablo 4 didn’t note any nerf to the Helltide Events in the patch notes, but players feel that there is a drastic change in the rewards they earn.

Is There a Helltide Event Nerf in Diablo 4 Update 1.1?

No, there is not a Helltide Event nerf in the Diablo 4 1.1 Update. Blizzard has already put out a hotfix to increase the number of Aberrant Cinders that drop back to normal levels.

This is great news for players because Helltide Events are one of the most consistent ways to get plenty of Legendary Gear in the Diablo 4 endgame.

Players originally thought that the Helltide Cinders drop rate had been shadow nerfed because of their in-game experience.

Now, Aberrant Cinders are dropping at their regular rate once more. However, it should be noted that Blizzard DID deliberately increase the number of Cinders needed to open a Helltide Chest from 175 to 250, so in a way, Helltide Events are still nerfed.

Before the hotfix, Community Manager, Adam Fletcher, responded and let players know that this was not intentional and an issue the team at Blizzard was looking into.

Helltide Cinders Nerf Diablo 4

Now that the fix is in the game, players will want to use Helltide Events to farm some of the new Unique Items that Diablo 4 introduces. Despite the unfortunate glitch, Helltides did receive some new ways to farm Aberrant Cinders.

This will help players gather them more easily and obtain enough Cinders for some of the more expensive chests, like the Tortured Gift of Mysteries.

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