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DICE Finally Adds Scoreboard in Battlefield 2042, Fans Ask Not To Celebrate

Battlefield 2042’s latest update has brought the full scoreboard in the game but the fans are still not happy.

Battlefield has changed the course of shooter games, giving fans some of the best FPS titles to ever exist.

However, the latest title has been a major letdown, with Battlefield 2042’s refund petition reaching almost 250,000 signatures. This is in stark contrast to the hype surrounding the game last year.

But, it seems the players’ concerns are finally being heard, with DICE bringing back the classic scoreboard to Battlefield 2042.

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dice adds scoreboard but no voice chat battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3 Brings Scoreboard to the Game

While Battlefield’s latest title is struggling to maintain 2000 players on Steam, it appears the developers have finally blessed the community with the highly requested scoreboard.

Update 3.3 for Battlefield 2042 on March 8 has brought the following into the game:

  • Bug fixes
  • Control and keybinding changes
  • Updated scoreboard functionality
  • The Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle for Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass, and Year 1 Pass and Ultimate Pack upgrade owners

As a result, Reddit user ‘DANNYonPC‘ took to the game’s subreddit to share the news with the community. While the update is trying to fix the game, many in the community believe it’s too late for these additions.

“It will become a meme of shame if they celebrate that they added a scoreboard into a AAA game 6 months after the release.”

Reddit user ‘smeldridge’

Moreover, many players think the new scoreboard has unnecessary information and ignores crucial stats like healing, resupplying, and spotting.

There’s a reason we had the missing scoreboard on our list of 10 biggest changes Battlefield 2042 needs in 2022. Find out what else is missing!

battlefield 2042 full scoreboard update patch dice ea

Further, we finally know when the voice chat functionality will be available for Battlefield 2042. According to the patch notes, the next update will arrive in early April, with an updated scoreboard along with the VOIP functionality for Squads.

In other news, Battlefield 2042 players are sure that DICE is boosting the player numbers with AI bots. With the accusation being big, players are backing it up with some astute observations.

Also, there’s a leak revealing the high-res artwork for Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 Map ‘Exposure’.

We’ve also got players reporting that Battlefield 2042 multiplayer is filled with “almost entirely bots”. Not a good look for a game trying to attract new players.

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