Diablo 4’s first three acts can be completed in any order that players see fit, offering a bit more freedom of choice than series veterans and newcomers may be used to. 

More choice is definitely welcome, but your mileage may vary depending on where you choose to go. You may just find yourself in areas that may prove to be, at first, a bit too difficult. 

That’s great for those looking for a challenge, but the majority of players will probably be looking for the most efficient way to plow through the campaign in order to reach the tantalizing Diablo 4 endgame.

But, what’s the best order to play through Diablo 4’s acts?

Diablo 4 Combat

Diablo 4 Best Campaign Act Order

After booting up the game and familiarising yourself with Diablo 4’s glorious version of Sanctuary once again, you’ll quickly complete a compulsory prologue before being introduced to the capital of the Fractured Peaks.

From here, things will open up and you’ll get a choice to begin three main quests that correspond with the first three acts of the game:

  • Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith (Level Recommendation 5)
  • Act 2: The Knife Twists Again (Level Recommendation 10)
  • Act 3: The Making of Monsters (Level Recommendation 15)

After completing each of these, Act 4 will open up to you. But that’s not all the campaign has to offer – check out all of Diablo 4’s story acts here!

Which Act to Do First Diablo 4

Which Act to Complete First in Diablo 4

Undoubtedly, the best and most efficient way to play through these first few acts is in chronological order. Despite being able to tackle them in any way you see fit, each act has a level recommendation that will be easier to complete if players choose to match it.

To match the recommended levels of each act, Act 1 should be completed straight out of the Prologue, then Act 2 (level 10) and finally Act 3 (level 15).

It’s important to note that players that have played through the Beta have likely played Act 1 to death and may want to start elsewhere for a bit of a refresh and change of pace.

Diablo 4 Open World

Does Act Order Matter In Diablo 4?

Ultimately, there is no ideal or set order to play through Diablo’s first three acts.

The level recommendations are simply a suggestion for those who may want the most streamlined and efficient experience for their first play-through. It’s by no means the definitive way to play the game.

In regard to story progression, each of the first three acts has its own contained story, which merges together just before you begin Act 4. 

This extra bit of freedom is a welcome addition to the series and gives players even more options in how to navigate through the game’s brilliant campaign.

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