Diablo 4 Season 2 introduced a Training Dummy through Patch 1.2.1 that can help you check your DPS, making it easier to tell how your build will perform in combat!

It is no secret that when it comes to Diablo 4, the bigger the damage numbers, the more excitement and fun there is. However, you can’t know in reality how your build performs until you test it against the demons of Sanctuary.

This is no longer a problem, as you can do a full DPS check by attacking the new and immortal Training Dummy. This customizable dummy can withstand any attack while you see how well your build performs.

Share some time with us and learn where to find this new dummy, how to customize it, and all the good tricks to try your new build’s combat strategies!

Where to Find the Training Dummy

The entrance to The Training Grounds, which has the Training Dummy, can be found in Kyovashad. It is north of the World Tier Statue, left of the stairs that lead to the Cathedral of Light.

The Training Grounds Training Dummy Location and Map Diablo 4

How to Customize the Training Dummy

You can configure the Training Dummy by interacting with the statue next to the Stach in The Training Grounds.

This statue lets you choose between fighting one Training Dummy or facing several of them. Additionally, you can determine if the dummy is of Normal, Elite, or Boss difficulty.

  • Interact with the dragon statue next to the Stash in The Training Grounds by selecting “Configure Training Dummy.”
  • Select the Training Dummy Difficulty
    • Normal Training Dummy
    • Elite Training Dummy
    • Boss Training Dummy
  • Interact with the statue again and select the amount of Training Dummies
    • Single Training Dummy
    • Multiple Training Dummies (will spawn five dummies)
Diablo 4 Training Dummy Configuration Menu

Playing around with these customization features allows you to determine how well your build will perform in different types of scenarios.

For example, you can face several dummies and see how well you fare in crowd control. Alternatively, you can also select Boss difficulty and determine how much single-target DPS you can stack.

Elite Training Dummy Diablo 4

Can the Training Dummy be Defeated?

No, the Training Dummy can’t be defeated. Blizzard has described it as an “inanimate and un-killable foe.” The dummy is purely for DPS check purposes, and there is no reward for trying to defeat it.

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