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Diablo 4 Transmog: How to Use the Wardrobe to Change Appearance

Slay Demons in Style: Master the Wardrobe for an Epic Appearance

Diablo 4 lets players make use of a Transmog system to change their appearance freely and customize their character to their liking.

In this way, one user could be wearing the exact same armor as another player, but look nothing like them in appearance.

What Is Transmog in Diablo 4?

Transmog is a Diablo 4 system that allows players to alter the appearance of their weapons and armor in-game. By disassembling items into salvage, users permanently unlock the gear’s appearance, which they can then apply to other items.

In this way, Diablo fans can change their appearance to their liking, no matter what items they actually have equipped.

Wardrobe in Diablo 4

Despite the visual change, players are still able to benefit from the stats provided by their weapons and armor, even if they don’t appear to be using them.

How to Transmog in Diablo 4

To use the Transmog (or Transmogrification) feature in Diablo 4, players must first Salvage an item to unlock its appearance.

After that, when the user accesses a Wardrobe they can select a piece of equipped armor and select a variant from the list of unlocked appearances.

This will temporarily change how your character’s armor piece looks, making it resemble the previously Salvaged item. However, the item will still have the stats of the real armor you’re wearing.

Diablo 4 Wardrobe

While using the Transmog system to alter their armor’s appearance, players can also select a new Pigment, changing the color of the clothing.

Using Transmog in Diablo IV is completely free and can be done at a Wardrobe as soon as the game’s Prologue is complete.

Where to Find a Wardrobe in Diablo 4?

Wardrobes appear with little Wardrobe icons on the Diablo 4 map. They are often found in towns and villages, particularly in inns and other public establishments.

The first Wardrobe that Diablo IV players will come across is in Kyovashad, in an inn directly up from the town’s Waypoint.

Wardrobe in Diablo 4

Players can interact with the Wardrobe with Left Click or X/A. They will then be able to alter their character’s appearance freely.

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What Are Ensembles?

Ensembles are outfits that Diablo 4 players can save for easy access from their Wardrobe. Players begin with one Ensemble slot and can purchase more, beginning at 2,500 Gold.

By selecting an enemy Ensemble slot, players can choose to save their current outfit which can be loaded at any time from the same slot.

In this way, characters be given the appearance of preferred fashion items, even while actually wearing other armor sets.

Ensembles in Diablo 4

How to Change Appearance in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players can change their character’s appearance by interacting with Wardrobes. Selecting the Appearance tab will let players alter their Makeup, Jewelry, Markings, and Markings Color.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change other aspects of their character, including body type, gender or skin tone.

Diablo 4 Change Appearance

Diablo 3 didn’t contain any way to alter these aspects of your character’s appearance either. Whether or not the full release of Diablo 4 will introduce the feature remains to be seen.

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