There is finally a way to better target farm Unique Items in Diablo 4, which makes completing your build just that much easier.

Since Diablo 4’s release, players have created community tools to help streamline the game’s late-game loot grind.

One such tool makes it much easier to hunt for specific Unique Items, which comes as welcome news for those continually bashing their head against the wall trying to acquire some of the rarest items in the game.

Below we’re going to go over what target farming is in Diablo 4 and how to utilize the community-created tool.

Esu's Heirloom Unique Item drop in Diablo 4
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What is Target Farming in Diablo 4?

Target farming is a way of grinding for specific types of gear or weapons by defeating certain enemy types and completing specific tasks. The best way to target farm is to use Diablo 4’s brilliant community-created tools.

Currently, one of the best websites to help you target farm in Diablo 4 is website

Here, you can search for specific items and it will tell you the enemy type it will most likely drop from as well as which dungeon that enemy will spawn in.

It cuts out the guesswork of which enemies to target for a specific item and allows you to focus on certain dungeons while you’re trying to acquire a specific type of gear.

It’s important to note that the loot that will drop while target farming is still based on random chance, it’ll just save you a lot more time and streamline the grinding process.

How to Target Farm Unique Items

The best way of target farming Unique Items in Diablo 4 is to select the item in the ‘Unique Target Farming’ section of the website and see which locations and enemy types are associated with it.

You can filter your results by class and can see Unique Items exclusive to that class, in addition to Unique Items that can be used by all classes. Unique Target Farming tool class filter

Once you select the Unique Item of your choice, the tool will display all the specific enemy types the item can drop from, as well as the dungeons where these enemies will spawn. Unique Target Farming tool selecting Raiment of the Infinite

The tool gives extremely helpful information, such as which dungeons have a ‘High Density’ of a certain enemy type, and whether or not it has a fast completion time. Unique Target Farming tool Raiment of the Infinite tbale results

It also signifies as ‘Rare’ the six ultra-rare Unique Items that can only drop when you are level 85+ and above. Find out more about how to get the rarest Unique Items in Diablo 4 here.

As Unique Items are the rarest items in the entire game, this Unique Target Farming tool is incredibly helpful in your search for more powerful gear. Happy hunting!

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