Details of a survey sent out to Diablo 4 players about its upcoming expansion have leaked, suggesting that it will have pay to win elements.

Developers regularly send out surveys to gain valuable feedback from their player base. It’s a way of testing the waters for new ideas, features, and mechanics.

Unfortunately, potential pay to win elements have leaked in the latest survey for Diablo 4, as well as the monetization of some fan-requested features.

Lord Zir in Diablo 4 Season 2 Season of Blood

Pay to Win

According to a recent survey leak, pay to win elements may be coming to Diablo 4’s upcoming expansion. It may allow early access to Unique items and Legendary Aspects to those who pay for certain editions.

This information was leaked by those selected to take part in a survey from Blizzard about the Diablo 4 expansion:

Diablo 4 Survey Leak blizzard forum post
Source: Blizzard Forums

Unique items and Legendary Aspects have a significant impact on the power of any given build. It would give paying players a considerable step up in PVE and PVP content.

What’s more, the leak also suggests that players will be able to purchase additional Stash space with real money.

This will surely outrage the Diablo 4 community, as limited Stash space has been an issue since launch. Many were expecting this to come in a free quality-of-life update in the future.

Diablo 4 survey leak early access to functional item and additional stash space pay to win

The leak appeared on Reddit and Blizzard’s forums, giving credence to this disappointing turn of events:

Diablo 4 Survey Leak Blizzard Forums Pay to Win
Source: Blizzard Forums

YouTuber Belllular News also reported on the Diablo 4 survey leak. Here he confirms the above information and gives more detail on the expansion’s different editions and what they contain:

What Is in the Survey Leak?

Here’s everything included from the Diablo 4 expansion survey leak, including the prices of each option:

ContentDescriptionOption AOption BOption COption D
PriceCost of expansion$69.99$49.99$79.99$99.99
Hero SkinCosmetic armor including 6 variations – one for each classHero Skin (New Class)Hero Skin (New Class)Hero Skin All Classes
MountNon-player Companion, providing conveniences such as Stash access and Gold pick-upsUnique Mount that evolved with achievementsUnique MountUnique Mount armor
Platinum (instant)A set amount of Platinum, issued to your account immediately after purchase2000 ($20 value)1000 ($10 value)3000 ($30 value)
Platinum (per Season for 1 year)A set amount of Platinum, issued to your account with the release of each Season1000 ($40 value)3000 ($120 value)2000 ($80 value)
WingsA cosmetic set of Wings you can equip in-gameWingsWings
Battle PassAccess to Premium track of Battle PassFull-year (4 Season) Accelerated Battle Pass ($100 value)1-Premium Battle pass ($10 value)Full-year (4 Season) Premium Battle Pass ($40 value)
Early AccessEarly Access to the game (4 days)4 days (Before Launch)4 days (Before Launch)
CompanionIncludes a copy of Diablo 4 base game1 Season before launch1 Season before launch
Town Portal SkinNew, unique appearance for Town PortalTown Portal skinTown Portal skin
Early Access to a Functional ItemEarly Access to a Functional Item in-game – such as a Unique piece of gear or a Legendary Aspect before it’s released during the expansionUniqueLegendary Aspect
Additional Stash SpaceExtra Stash space to hold your lootOne Stash TabTwo Stash TabsTwo Stash Tabs
Base Game IncludedIncludes copy of Diablo 4 base gameDiablo 4 includedDiablo 4 included

It’s important to note that this survey is likely a way for Blizzard to test the waters with Diablo 4 fans and is in no way a confirmation that the above changes will come to the game.

Even so, it’s still quite concerning that they are even considering such aggressive monetization tactics. Hopefully, it will not come to pass.

If you’re wondering what the new expansion for Diablo 4 will include, check out Blizzard’s Campfire Chat detailing leaks the Vessel of Hatred, and the alleged new class!

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