Strongholds are another great excuse to cover Diablo 4’s open world in demon blood and uncover more of its tantalizing lore. Fortunately, they also grant you a lot of Renown and Legendary gear.

There are only three Strongholds available in the Fractured Peaks region in Diablo 4. Strongholds are marked on the map as a Red Skull.

To fully liberate a Stronghold, players will have to complete a series of objectives that are tied together by a unique side story about that area. Typically, you will also fight a boss at the end.

Strongholds are private instanced experiences, meaning that random players from the open world will not join you. You will do them either solo or with your party.

They are quite challenging, so we recommend bringing a group of friends. Don’t worry if your friends are on a different platform to you, as Diablo 4, fortunately, has crossplay!

You’ll need to liberate some Strongholds in order to access the Lilith Altars that significantly increase your stats and the amount of Obols you can carry.

Keep reading to find out how to find every Stronghold in Diablo 4 and what rewards to expect for liberating them.

The player conquering a Stronghold in Diablo 4
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Fractured Peaks Strongholds

There are three Strongholds to find in the Fractured Peaks region in Diablo 4. They are:

You can see the location of all of them on the map of Fractured Peaks below:

Every Stronghold on the Fractured Peaks Map in Diablo 4

Keep reading for the exact location of each of Fractured Peak’s Strongholds:

Kor Dragan

  • Level Requirement: 25+

The Kor Dragan Stronghold is located northwest of Kyovashad. You can get there quickly by traveling north from the Menestad Waypoint.

You have to conquer the Kor Dragan Stronghold in order to unlock the Gathering Legions Zone Event.

The Kor Dragan Stronghold on the Fractured Peaks Map in Diablo 4


  • Level Requirement: 20+

The Malnok Stronghold is located directly to the east of Kyovashad. The quickest way to reach it is to travel south from the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint.

To complete the Malnok Stronghold, you must find and slay the Ice Clan Stormcallers inside the Stronghold to stop the blizzard.

The Malnok Stronghold on the Fractured Peaks Map in Diablo 4


Level Requirement: 20+

The Nostrava Stronghold is located slightly southwest of Kyovashad. You can get there quickly by traveling north from the Nevesk Waypoint.

To conquer the Nostrava Stronghold, you must investigate the village and locate the Priestess. After talking to her, you’ll be tasked with fighting off the demons that have infested Nostrava.

This is the only Stronghold in Fractured Peaks that unlocks a waypoint. If you want to get access to it, make sure to check out our guide on how to complete the Nostrava Stronghold and unlock its waypoint.

The Nostrava Stronghold on the Fractured Peaks Map in Diablo 4

What Rewards Do You Get For Liberating Strongholds in Diablo 4?

You receive 100 Renown in the region where you liberated the Stronghold and an additional 20 if you unlock a waypoint there.

Additionally, new NPCs and vendors will be added. A Blacksmith, Healer, Weapons vendor and Stable Master will set up shop within the liberated Stronghold.

You should also expect to find plenty of Legendary gear for defeating the final mini-bosses at the end of each Stronghold.

Of course, if you manage to find the incredibly rare Fiend Rose material, you can enchant that Legendary loot and make it incredibly overpowered.

The rewards gained from liberating a Stronghold
Credit – WoW Quests
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