Diablo 4’s free trial is now live on Steam. This is a great chance to try the game for those who want to do so without spending money or waiting for it to (probably) land on Game Pass one day.

So, let’s not waste your precious time and tell you how long you can play and what in-game content is available during this D4 free trial!

Start & End Date

Diablo 4’s free trial is live now and will extend until November 28, 2023, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT.

The D4 Steam free trial will end in:

This free-to-play period also happens to coincide with the ongoing Mother’s Blessing event. It is a perfect time not only to try the game without shelling out your hard-earned cash but also to level up fast due to the increased experience and gold from the event!

This event ends on November 27, 2023, giving you enough time to enjoy the 35% multiplicative gold and experience bonus!

How to Access

To access the Diablo 4 Steam free trial, all you need to do is download the game on Steam by clicking “Play Game” on the game’s store page.

You can do this directly on the Steam client or from Diablo 4’s store page on your browser. Yet, if you do it on your browser, this will trigger the download on the client or client installation prompts.

Once the D4 downloads on your PC, you can play as if you had bought the game. However, access to the game will be removed once the trial ends on November 28

Diablo 4 Steam Store Page

What Content is Included?

The Steam free trial of Diablo 4 is not content-limited. This means you can explore and progress the campaign or Season as far as you want while it lasts.

The same applies to the current content of Season of Blood. All the seasonal content is readily available for players who enjoy D4 during this free trial period.

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