According to recent leaks, the newly announced class for Diablo 4’s Vessel of Hatred expansion will be called Spiritborn.

With the recent announcement of the Vessel of Hatred at BlizzCon 2023, many believe that the previous leaks uncovered by dataminers may be true.

Below, we’re going to go over everything we know so far about the alleged Spiritborn class for Diablo 4.

What is the Spiritborn Class?

The Spiritborn is a rumored brand new class that will be coming to Diablo 4 in the Vessel of Hatred expansion, according to recent leaks from dataminers.

Apparently, the Spiritborn class will combine elements of nature and the spiritual realm. Here’s everything from the datamines and recent leaks:

  • They will wield Glaives as their primary weapon
    • Their attacks are “fluid and relentless”
  • They have access to spiritual powers
    • Split into four types – Sky, Soil, Forest, and Plains
  • They can summon “spiritual allies” to aid them in combat and
  • They can cast powerful elemental spells

The above information came from recent datamines and a previous Diablo 4 expansion leak from MMO Champion.

As with any leak of this nature, it’s important to take it all with a grain of salt.

Kurast Jungle Roots in Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred Expansion

Are the Leaks Real?

There is some credibility to these leaks, as some of the information was confirmed during a Campfire Chat at BlizzCon 2023. There was an announcement of a new expansion, as well as a brand new class coming to Diablo 4.

No details of the class were given during the expansion’s brief announcement, but some elements of the Diablo 4 expansion leak were correct.

Here’s what the leaks got right so far:

  • The existence of Diablo 4’s first expansion, the Vessel of Hatred
    • Called “Lord of Hatred” in the leak
  • The expansion will focus on Prime Evil Mephisto, the father of Lilith, as the main antagonist
  • It will be based in the new Kurast region
    • It’s a familiar setting for Diablo fans, first appearing in Diablo 2

This gives far more credibility to the leaks concerning the new Spiritborn class coming with the new expansion. This Reddit user seems convinced that the leaks are “100%” real as the dataminers had access to an alpha build of Vessel of Hatred:

Only time will tell whether the Spiritborn class is real or not. We’ll have to wait until the Vessel of Hatred’s release in late 2024 to find out!

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