Ever since the game’s launch, players have been eager to find out whether or not there is a secret cow level in Diablo 4.

A cow level in some form has previously appeared in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, and fans are eager to know if it will make an appearance in the series’ latest outing.

Find out all you need to know about Diablo’s secret cow level, what the developers have said about it, and how fans are searching for it in Diablo 4.

What is the Secret Cow Level in Diablo?

Diablo’s secret cow level is a hidden level that was a response to a popular internet joke from the first game and has appeared in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

The secret cow level’s first appearance in Diablo 2 saw players fighting a variety of Hell Bovine enemies and The Cow King boss. It made a welcome return in Diablo 3’s third anniversary as an easter egg to its much-loved Diablo 2 appearance.

As such a beloved series in-joke for fans, many are eager to see if the secret cow level will make an appearance in Diablo 4.

Collage of The Secret Cow Level portal and fighting cows in the scret cow level in Diablo 2
Credit: Filthy Casual

Is there a Secret Cow Level in D4?

According to the game’s development chief Rod Fergusson, there is currently no secret cow level in Diablo 4.

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Fergusson expresses his team’s desire to “keep the game as grounded as possible.” He said: “There’s no secret level people may be looking for in Diablo 4 as per previous games”.

But, as Fergusson puts it: “That doesn’t mean that there won’t be (secret levels) in the future.”

Check out Fergusson’s comments in his interview with Kinda Funny Games below:

More recently, Blizzard president Mike Ybarra has responded rather suspiciously to a tweet made by IGN.

The tweet in question mentions how Diablo 4’s developers have denied the existence of such a level. Ybarra responds with a humorous GIF of Nick Offerman smirking and looking slyly to the side:

This puts into question the team’s previous affirmations that there is no cow level to be found.

What Have Fans Found in the Search for the Secret Cow Level in Diablo 4?

Some observant internet sleuths have uncovered some interesting clues through datamining. It provides compelling evidence for the existence of a secret cow level in Diablo 4.

There’s even a Discord server (aptly named D4 – Not Finding A Cow Level) that attempts to unravel the mystery.

The key to the conspiracy (cow-spiracy?) seems to be in the Ked Bardu in the Dry Steppes region. There is large fountain surrounded by four Oxen statues in the middle of the city. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

Standing in the middle of a fountain surrounded by four oxen statues in Ken Bardu in the Dry Steppes region in Diablo 4
Credit: Sylvus

Only one of the statues is interactable, the ‘Oxen God of the East‘.

When clicking the statue, a message comes up that any who “presents a worthy offering” to the statue “may gain their blessing”.

This has led people to believe that you must bring certain items to each of these statues to find the secret level.

Oxen of the East description in Ken Bardu in the Dry Steppes region in Diablo 4
Credit: Sylvus

To add even more fuel to this conspiracy fire, dataminers have also found the existence of ‘The Secret Cellar‘ in the game’s files.

It has three relics attached to it: Bloody Wooden Shard, Musty Tome, and Metallic Fragment. Many believe these to be references to items required to access the secret cow level in Diablo 2.

Findings from the Discord Server

The secret cow level Discord server has come up with this possible sequence to unlock the secret cow level in Diablo 4:

  1. Find 3 relics that are random drops with certain conditions that we don’t know yet:
    • Relic 1 (Bloody Wooden Shard) is droppable from both Hawezar or Kejhistan
    • Relic 2 (Musty tome) is droppable from Scosglen, or Fractured peaks
    • Relic 3 (Metallic Fragment) is from Dry Steppes, but may require a Helltide
  2. Cleanse them at the fountain at Ked Bardu city in Dry Steppes
  3. Cleansing all 3 of them should trigger a Secret key drop
  4. Open the Secret Cellar known as Forlorn Hovel
  5. ??? Probably perform a ritual that will open a portal
FAQ from within the D4- Not Finding A Cow Level Discord server for Diablo 4
Credit: Sylvus

No one has found these items just yet. For now, it simply seems to be a very good guess.

We'll update this article if any more steps are found or the Secret Cow level is revealed!

It’s expected that they will drop from specific World Events, none of which are known at this point. It is also possible that you won’t get access to them until a later date – possibly at the beginning of Season 1.