After a somewhat botched Season 1, fans have celebrated the many positive changes and quality of life improvements that have come with Diablo 4 Season 2. Many even believe that it has saved the game.

From improved mount traversal, better inventory management, permanent Renown rewards, and a vastly improved leveling experience, there’s certainly a lot to love with the launch of Season 2.

Below, we give an overview of some of the most important changes and improvements in Diablo 4’s Season of Blood and how the community has responded to all the positive changes.

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Diablo 4 Season 2: Most Significant Changes and Improvements

The launch of Season 2 has brought a whole host of improvements and quality-of-life changes to Diablo 4. Here are the most significant changes:

  • New players can skip the campaign and jump straight into Season 2
    • Previously, new players had to complete the campaign at least once to enter the Seasonal Realm
  • All Renown rewards carry over to new characters
    • This includes any unlocked potion charges, Skill Points, Paragon Points, Murmuring Obols, and Altars of Lillith
  • Significant buff to mounts
    • Mounts are 15% faster and have 50% reduced summoning cooldown in Season 2
  • Better inventory management
    • Low-tier loot is automatically salvaged into crafting resources and Gems no longer take up inventory space
  • You can now target farm Uniques and Uber Uniques much more effectively
    • Defeating the five (new and old) endgame bosses will give a greater chance for Uniques and Uber Uniques to drop
  • Vastly improved leveling
    • XP gain is increased to 40%, making the grind to level 100 a lot easier
Diablo 4 Season of Blood Key Art Blood Seeker Loading Screen

Season 2’s changes seem to directly address some of the biggest fan complaints regarding a variety of quality-of-life issues. It also addresses the lackluster leveling experience that was present in Season 1 and the launch version of Diablo 4.

The Season 2 update seems to be widely embraced by fans.

Fan Reaction to Diablo 4 Season 2 Improvements

On the whole, the response from Diablo 4 fans to Season 2 has been very positive. Most praise the improvements to leveling and traversal.

This is great news for Blizzard, as Diablo 4 has struggled with critical responses from fans during the game’s first Season. Season 2 seems to have directly addressed much of what was wrong with Season 1, leaving players feeling hopeful for the future of Diablo 4:

Many have commented on the vastly superior leveling experience of Season 2, leaving many feeling much more motivated to reach max level in the Season of Blood:

byu/KennedyPh from discussion

All in all, fans seem to be loving what Season 2 has to offer so far. The changes to loot, improvements to mob density, and brand-new Vampiric Powers make Diablo 4’s previous issues seem like a distant memory for some:

Things are finally looking up for Diablo 4! If you’re looking to jump in and start fresh, make sure to check out our Diablo 4 best class for Season 2 guide to make the best start!

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