A character level cap for Sacred and Ancestral items will be introduced when Diablo 4’s Patch 1.1 releases ahead of Season 1.

Diablo 4’s fast-approaching Season of the Malignant will bring with it a plethora of exciting new content. It will also add quality of life changes, such as the item character level requirement cap.

What is the Sacred & Ancestral Items Level Cap in Diablo 4?

The Scared and Ancestral character level cap in Diablo 4 is a minimum level requirement needed to use Sacred and Ancestral gear.

Here are the character level caps for these items that will be introduced in Season 1:

  • Sacred items have a level requirement of 60
  • Ancestral items have a level requirement of 80

Diablo 4’s Associate Game Director Joseph Pipiora confirmed this on Twitter:

You can find Sacred items in World Tier 3, but not Ancestral items. You can find both Sacred and Ancestral items in World Tier 4. All characters above level 60 can use Sacred items and all characters above level 80 can use both Sacred and Ancestral items.

Previously, Sacred and Ancestral items were based on character level, which locked out any of your lower-level alternative characters from using them.

Season 1 power in Diablo 4 Season of the Malgnant

This meant that if you had a level 100 character, all of your Sacred and Ancestral gear would also be locked to level 100. This made all gear useless for any of your lower-level alternative characters, as they needed to be at least level 100 to use the items.

After Diablo 4’s Season 1 Patch 1.1, the level cap will be significantly lowered for Sacred and Ancestral gear.

This will breathe new life into the loot you find in the game, as the powerful gear you find in the endgame can be used by lower-level alternative characters.

How Does Sacred & Ancestral Items Level Cap Improve Loot in Diablo 4?

The Sacred and Ancestral level cap in Diablo 4 allows your lower-level alternative characters to use more powerful gear. This will allow you to use much better loot earlier on.

For example, if your main character is level 100, any Sacred gear you find will have a max level cap of 60 and Ancestral gear a max cap of 80.

This means that your alternative character (that meets these level requirements) will be able to equip and use these Sacred and Ancestral equipment.

Season 1 questline character in Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant

When you find gear at higher levels, they have a significantly increased Item Power level. Their stats are of a much higher quality than the loot you find earlier in the game.

Having access to such gear earlier on will add significant power to your alternative characters, improving the leveling process significantly.

How to Share Equipment With Multiple Characters in Diablo 4

To share items between multiple characters in Diablo 4, you must place the item in the Stash that can be found in any major settlement. Any character you log in with can access this item in the stash.

Here is what the Stash icon looks like when in a town in Diablo 4:

Stash map icon in Kyovashad i Diablo 4

Follow these steps to share items between multiple characters in Diablo 4:

  1. Deposit the item you would like to share into your stash
  2. Log out of Diablo 4
  3. Select the character you would like to share the item with and log in
  4. Head to the Stash and access your item
Close up of Stash chest and accessing Stash menu in Diablo 4

You initially get 50 storage slots to play with, with a further 50 per unlocked tab. There are four Stash tabs available, which totals 200 max storage slots in your Stash.

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