A Diablo 4 review bomb is underway after developer Blizzard Entertainment just dropped a majorly disappointing Season 1 update.

Diablo 4 is having a rocky start to its Season 1 update and the fans are making their voices heard. Even before Season 1 has officially gone live, Patch 1.1 helped show players what to expect in the new update.

And the answer was majorly disappointing.

With nerfs to the already underpowered Sorceror, damage reductions across the board, nerfs to XP and progression, and the ability to hop into higher World Tiers early removed, Diablo fans are less than pleased.

Diablo 4 Review Bombed on Metacritic

Diablo 4’s Metacritic User Score has dropped to 4.3 AKA ‘generally unfavorable’ after dozens of fans share review scores of 0 in protest of the Season 1 patch.

Earlier in July, Diablo 4’s PC User Score was ‘mixed or average,’ with a value of 5.0 reported on Metacritic, despite favorable Critic Reviews.

Diablo 4 PC Review Metacritic

Now, after a massive influx of negative reviews, that score appears to be dropping significantly. It’s possible that Metacritic could have some review bomb protection applying to the current score, however, seeing as it has only fallen by 0.7 in total despite an onslaught of negativity.

According to the Wayback Machine, Diablo 4’s PC version has received almost 600 new user reviews since July 7, and an overwhelmingly large percentage of them are negative.

Diablo 4 Review Bombed on Metacritic

In fact, the community response has been so severe that Diablo 4 developers have already announced their next Campfire Chat in an effort to appease the player base.

Diablo 4’s PS5 and Xbox Series X pages are seeing similar review bombing, and are currently sitting at 4.3 and 5.9 User Score, respectively.

Why Are Diablo 4 Players Angry at Season 1?

Primarily, Diablo 4 fans are annoyed at the changes made in the V1.1 patch notes, an update which went live prior to Season 1.

We’ve compiled some of the biggest changes in Diablo 4 Season 1 here, but effectively the main complaints stem from the following issues:

  • All classes are now weaker, particularly the already pitiful Sorceror class, making the game feel less fun
  • The level grind is now longer, thanks to lower enemy levels and the inability to enter higher World Tiers until a certain level cap is reached
  • Armor, Critical Hits, and Vulnerable Damage have seen heavy nerfs, and many weapons have had their stats reduced
  • Aberrant Cinder farming now takes longer, but Helltide Chests also require significantly more Cinders to open
  • A disappointing lack of meaningful content, and only a single new Uber Unique in the update

If you weren’t a fan of the grind in Diablo 4 already, it just got even longer. And with many fans feeling like the game is slowing down even further, it makes sense to see so many users venting their frustration.

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