Key Points
Completion Time:
5 Minutes
Very Easy
Heretic's Cache, XP, Gold
Must Haves:
Completed Whittling Sanity Campaign Quest

Diablo 4 has plenty of interesting side quests that require the player to utilize the emote wheel, and Reject the Mother is no exception.

However, some players may be finding Reject the Mother a little tricky to solve. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a detailed breakdown of every step you need to take to complete this side quest.

Complete Diablo 4 Reject the Mother Side Quest Guide

The Reject the Mother side quest in Diablo 4 requires players to first locate a Torn Note in the Tusmaa Rift in Dry Steppes.

From there, they must head to the Rift of a Thousand Eyes in the far north of Tusmaa Rift and use the No emote in front of the secret shrine to Lilith.

If you don’t have the No emote equipped, don’t worry. We show you how to equip it as well as full detailed instructions on how to complete the quest below:

  1. To start the quest, head towards the Reject the Mother Side Quest marker in the Tusmaa Rift zone of Dry Steppes (see map below).
The Location of the Reject the Mother side quest in Diablo 4
  1. Interact with the Torn Note in the Abahru Canyon.
    • You will see the Riddle: “Shout your rejection, “no Mother of mine” at her towering statue in rift’s hidden shrine.”
The Torn Note in Tusmaa Rift, Dry Steppes Diablo 4
Credit – WoW Quests
  1. Go to the Rift of a Thousand Eyes, East of Ked Bardu (see map).
    • Head North East from where you found the Torn Note and continue along the path through the Carver’s House until you reach the secret shrine.
The location of Lilith's Shrine in Tusmaa Rift
  1. Once inside the secret shrine to Lilith, equip the No emote to your emote wheel.
    • To equip an emote, do the following:
      • On console:
        • Hold up on the D-Pad
        • Select a slot to place the emote
        • Press Triangle/Y to open up your available emotes
        • Choose the emote with X/A
      • On PC:
        • Press E to open the emote wheel
        • Use your mouse to select Customize and then the Emote
Using the No emote in front of the Lilith Statue in Reject the Mother side Quest
Credit – WoW Quests
  1. Activate the No emote in front of the Lilith statue.
  2. A Heretic’s Cache will appear to the right of the statue, and the quest will be completed.
The Heretic's Cache in the Reject the Mother side quest Diablo 4
Credit – WoW Quests

To gain access to the Reject the Mother Side Quest, you must first complete the campaign quest Whittling Sanity at the beginning of Act 3.

Upon doing so, you’ll unlock the Tusmaa Rift area in Dry Steppes, which is where this quest is located.

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