After the introduction of Patch 1.2.2 in Diablo 4, players have experienced a Potent Blood glitch that has this material spawning right in the middle of the Blood Well fountain.

Due to this odd spawn location, several gamers are not able to retrieve their well-earned loot.

This is particularly annoying since one of the fixes of this patch is increasing the amount of Potent Blood players get as a reward.

Nonetheless, some clever fans in the community have already spotted a couple of solutions to get that precious Potent Blood!

How to Pick Up Potent Blood

There are five solutions you can try to successfully bypass this glitch and pick up your Potent Blood that spawned in the middle of the Blood Wells fountain:

  1. Basic attack the fountain and then attempt to pick up the Potent Blood
  2. Attack the fountain and evade from the top of it towards the center
  3. Wait for the event to end, and the well might despawn
    • Teleport back to town, wait some minutes, and teleport back to the fountain location
    • Usually, after some time, the fountain despawns, but the Potent Blood remains in place so you can pick it up
  4. If you happen to have a Barbarian, you can use Leap to jump and get your Potent Blood
  5. Try picking the Potent Blood from the lower left corner of the Blood Well fountain
The Potent Blood has dropped in the center of the fountain, I can’t pick it up.
byu/F377NTS indiablo4

Many Redditors and Diablo 4 gamers have confirmed all these methods to work. So far, it seems there is no universal solution since some of these workarounds result in success for some but simply don’t work for others.

Has Blizzard Made a Statement?

As of right now, despite several players reporting the Potent Blood fountain glitch on social media, Blizzard has not made an official statement on this situation.

However, it is likely a fix will be rolled out soon or in the next patch, as this is not a

What Is Causing This Glitch

This glitch started occurring after the recent Diablo 4 Patch 1.2.2. Before this patch, Potent Blood spawned at accessible locations and could be easily picked up.
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