Diablo 4 is dropping Patch 1.1 today, July 18, 2023, but will the servers be undergoing downtime as the new update rolls out?

It’s finally time for Diablo 4 Season 1 to arrive and Patch 1.1 is bringing an array of new content to the game in the leadup to the major update.

Patch 1.1 promises to deliver some much-needed balancing for Diablo 4’s classes, skills, Aspects and more. The update arrives on July 18, two days ahead of Season 1’s launch.

But should players expect any downtime for Diablo 4 as servers switch to the new patch?

Are Diablo 4 Servers Going Offline for Patch 1.1?

No, Diablo 4 servers are not going offline for any extended downtime ahead of Patch 1.1.

However, players may experience interruptions of service, including disconnects, from 10 AM PT/1 PM ET – 1 PM PT/4 PM ET.

Many players will likely see their game get disconnected in order to download the new patch.

The scheduled maintenance times for Diablo 4
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

However, Blizzard has not announced a downtime period in which players will not be able to play whatsoever, indicating that servers will be live throughout the update.

If this changes, we’ll update this article with the latest information.

When Are Diablo 4 Servers Coming Back Online After Patch 1.1?

Diablo 4 servers should be back online and stable at around 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on July 18, 2023. From this point onward, players can enjoy the new content brought by Patch 1.1.

Although no downtime has been announced for the pre-Season 1 update, players can expect interruptions of service such as disconnects for around 3 hours following Patch 1.1’s release time.

As for what fans can look forward to, Patch 1.1 is bringing an extensive balance patch to the new game, the details of which should be dropping later today.

New Legendary Aspects and Uniques will also become available to find, ahead of Diablo 4’s premiere season.

However you won’t be able to make a seasonal character or enjoy the new storyline or mechanics present in Season 1 until July 20 rolls around.

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