Cosmetics have been discounted in a sale for Tejal’s Shop in Diablo 4, but players still think they are overpriced.

Tejal’s Shop is Diablo 4’s storefront where you can purchase cosmetic items for your character and is where the game’s monetization resides.

It’s the first sale in the cosmetics store since the game’s release, but fans still think it’s far too overpriced.

Tejal magically levitating a pack of card in Tejal's Shop menu in Diablo 4

Fan Response to Cosmetics Sale

Diablo 4 players, on the whole, are frustrated with the Tejal’s Shop sale. It seems to only further highlight how outrageously expensive cosmetics are, even with heavy discounts.

The main issue players have with cosmetics in Diablo 4 is how expensive they are when taking into consideration the full price of the base game:

byu/LegendaryVenusaur from discussion

Most cosmetics in Diablo 4 require you to purchase overpriced bundles to access each piece of a desired outfit. Players online demonstrated their frustration after realizing that the recent sale only discounted cosmetics by a few measly dollars:

byu/LegendaryVenusaur from discussion

The sale seems to have exacerbated player’s outrage at the overly priced microtransactions and cosmetics available in Tejal’s Shop. Some are suggesting that they’d be willing to spend the money on cosmetics if Blizzard put a little more effort in:

byu/LegendaryVenusaur from discussion

Hopefully, Blizzard can take some of these concerns into consideration!

What is the Tejal’s Shop Sale?

The Tejal’s Shop sale is a discount on cosmetic item sets for each Diablo 4 class in November 15’s shop rotation.

Here are all the items for each class, discounted in the Tejal’s Shop sale:


  • Bathed in Blood – 1,950 Platinum (25% discount)
  • Cruenta Via – 490 Platinum (50% discount)
  • The Lion of Arreat – 1,490 Platinum (32% discount)
  • The Lion’s Share – 490 Platinum (38% discount)
Barbarian Cosmetic Bundles Discounted in Tejal's Shop Sale in Diablo 4


  • The Oaken Keeper – 1,490 Platinum (40% discount)
  • Acorn Cache – 650 Platinum (27% discount)
  • Plague Rat – 1,490 Platinum (35% discount)
  • Rattenkonig – 490 Platinum (38% discount)
Druid Cosmetic Bundles Discounted in Tejal's Shop Sale in Diablo 4


  • Ancient Deathspeaker – 1,490 Platinum (35% discount)
  • Quiet of the Grace – 750 Platinum (25% discount)
  • Fanatic Martyr – 1,490 Platinum (37% discount)
  • Zealot’s Last – 490 Platinum (38% discount)
Necromancer Cosmetic Bundles Discounted in Tejal's Shop Sale in Diablo 4


  • Jinkai Oni – 1,490 Platinum (37% discount)
  • Oni’s Testament – 650 Platinum (27% discount)
  • Blood For Money – 1,490 Platinum (25% discount)
  • Weights and Measures – 490 Platinum (38% discount)
Rogue Cosmetic Bundles Discounted in Tejal's Shop Sale in Diablo 4


  • Blackjade – 1,990 Platinum (28% discount)
  • Succubus Charm – 750 Platinum (25% discount)
  • Sightless Seer – 1,490 Platinum (32% discount)
  • Sights Unseen – 490 Platinum (38% discount)
Sorcerer Cosmetic Bundles Discounted in Tejal's Shop Sale in Diablo 4


  • Penitent Dragoon – 990 Platinum (38% discount)
  • The Weight of Gold – 990 Platinum (38% discount)
  • Ancient Power – 990 Platinum (41% discount)
  • Jalousie Fate – 900 Platinum (25% discount)
Mounts Cosmetic Bundles Discounted in Tejal's Shop Sale in Diablo 4

It’s important to note that the cosmetics in Tejal’s Shop are reset daily, refreshing at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET/ 6 PM BST each day. This means the items on sale will reset at this time too – if you want to purchase them at a discounted price, make sure to buy them before the next rotation.

To get an idea of the price of each of the above cosmetics, here’s how much each pack of Platinum costs in Diablo 4:

200 Platinum$1.99/£1.79
500 Platinum$4.99/£4.39
1,000 Platinum$9.99/£8.39
2,800 Platinum (2,500 plus 300 extra)$24.99/£20.99
5,700 Platinum (5,000 plus 700 extra)$49.99/£41.99
11,500 Platinum (10,000 plus 1,500 extra)$99.99/£84.99

This means that you’ll be spending close to $20/£20 for some of the more expensive cosmetics in the sale!

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