Do you feel like the new Lucky Hit gameplay mechanic in Diablo 4 is not that well explained or presented? You are not alone!

Despite the potential it has to get any class from zero to hero, Lucky Hit remains an enigma for most players, as the game does very little to showcase its full potential.

Join us as we unveil every nook and cranny there is to know about this fantastic mechanic. Learn how it works, how to use it, calculate its effects in combat, how it differs from Critical Strikes, and more!

fighting enemies in the Beacon Labyrinth dungeon in Diablo 4

What Does Lucky Hit Do in Diablo 4?

Lucky Hit is a percentage chance for a skill or item’s additional bonus effect to be triggered. This mechanic depends on two factors, which include Lucky Hit Chance and Lucky Hit effect.

  • Lucky Hit Chance is a percentage that dictates the total odds of a Lucky Hit from occurring.
    • Each Skill has a different percentage of Lucky Hit Chance.
      • You can see the individual percentage for each skill from the Abilities Tab after activating the Advanced Tooltip Information option in the Gameplay tab of the Options menu.
    • Some Gear and Legendary Aspects grant Lucky Hit Chance bonuses multipliers. For example, if your gear adds +6% Lucky Hit Chance multiplier, and the skill you are using has a 40%, this will now be 42% odd. [6% (0.06) x 40 = 42.4]
      • To view your total chance bonus at any given time, go to the Stats and Materials section on the Character tab, and scroll down until you reach the Utility segment.
Lucky Hit Chance and Bonus Diablo 4
  • Lucky Hit effect indicates what happens when a Lucky Hit occurs.
    • However, this effect also states a percentage and requirements of activation. Meaning that even if a Lucky Hit takes place, there is no guarantee this added bonus effect will trigger.
      • As an example: “Your Conjuration Skills have up to 30% chance to unleash a Frost Nova when hitting enemies.” This indicates that if a Lucky Hit happens while using a Conjuration Skill, there is a 30% chance a Frost Nova will be triggered.
Lucky Hit Chance and Bonus Diablo 4

In simpler terms, the higher the Lucky Hit Chance, the higher the probability of getting Lucky Hits. The higher the percentage of the Lucky Hit effect, the higher chance of triggering said effect once a Lucky Hit occurs.

Information of Barbarian skills -  passive skill 'Pressure Point' and Basic skill 'Flay' in front of a blurred image of combat in Diablo 4

How to Use Lucky Hit in Diablo 4

To use and trigger Lucky Hit effects in Diablo 4:

  1. Equip a skill, item, or Legendary Aspect with a Lucky Hit effect.
    • The Lucky Hit effect determines what additional effect could trigger if a Lucky Hit takes place, the odds of it happening, and any extra conditions required.
  2. Use the necessary skills with Lucky Hit Chance in battle to meet the conditions (if any) for the Lucky Hit effect to trigger.
    • For example: If the Lucky Hit effect states, “Frost Skills have up to 3% chance to instantly Freeze,” you’ll need to equip and use any Frost Skill (the higher the Lucky Hit Chance of that skill, the better) and whenever a Lucky Hit takes place, there will be a up to 3% chance of Freeze.
    • Some Lucky Hit effects do not have any additional requirements. For example: “Lucky Hit: Up to a +2.6% Chance to Execute injured Non-Elites” can be triggered by using any skill as long as a Lucky Hit occurs.

Pro-Tip: To trigger Lucky Hit effects more often, use Legendary Aspects or gear that grant Lucky Hit Chance bonus.

Diablo 4 Lucky Hit How to Use
In this example, Step 1 equips a Passive Skill with a Lucky Hit effect triggered by using Frost Skills. Step 2 shows one of the Skills you can equip for this specific Lucky Hit effect.

How to Increase Lucky Hit Effectiveness in Diablo 4

To increase Lucky Hit build effectiveness, equip items and skills that give you access to multiple Lucky Hit Effects at once.

The best way to utilize this is to build with a high Lucky Hit Chance in mind. In this way, you’ll increase your chance of activating multiple powerful effects that can significantly increase your offensive capabilities.

However, this is a bit of a gamble. You have the chance to activate all of your Lucky Hit Effects at once, some of them, or none at all. It’s a roll of the dice for each individual Lucky Hit effect.

Shadow Crop Lucky Hit Diablo 4

How to Calculate Lucky Hit in Diablo 4

To effectively calculate the chance you have of triggering a Lucky Hit effect in Diablo 4, follow this equation:

(Lucky Hit Effect Percentage) x (Base Skill Lucky Hit Chance) x *(1 + Character Lucky Hit Chance Bonus)

  1. Determine the percentage of the Lucky Hit effect you want to trigger.
  2. Determine the Lucky Hit Chance of the skill you plan to use (located on the Abilities Tab).
  3. Add 1 to your character’s total amount of Lucky Hit Chance Bonus (found in the Stats & Materials section of the Character Menu).
  4. Multiply all of the above to determine the real odds of activating the Lucky Hit effect. We have outlined a practical example below!

The following example follows the basic calculation that will work for all Lucky Hit calculations:

  • Lucky Hit: Your Conjuration Skills have up to 30% chance to unleash a Frost Nova when hitting enemies.
  • Character Lucky Hit Chance Bonus: 6.0%
  • Base Ice Blades Conjuration Skill Lucky Hit Chance: 71%

By replacing the values above in the equation mentioned above, we get:

(0.30 [Representing 30%]) x (0.71 [Representing 71%]) x (1 + 0.06 [Representing 6%]) = 22.58% (0.2258)

This means that roughly 1 out of 4-5 hits from Ice Blades could result in a Frost Nova.

Lucky Hit Calculation Diablo 4

Nonetheless, keep in mind the Lucky Hit effect percentage is not a set value in this case; it is a variable. This percentage is a randomly generated value of up to 30%, resulting in numbers below that value on some occasions.

Despite that, the result of this equation serves as a good indicator as it provides a well-rounded idea of how often this Lucky Hit effect could trigger.

*Pro-Tip: When calculating the Lucky Hit odds in Diablo 4, make sure that you take the base value of the skill’s Lucky Hit Chance.

This number changes to reflect the added multiplier bonus granted by Aspects or Gear. If you are not taking base values and going for the values that include the bonus, simply remove the (1 + Character Lucky Hit Chance Bonus) from the calculation.

Sorceress using Ball Lighting ability in Prime Halls dungeon in Diablo 4

Is Lucky Hit Chance the Same as Critical Strike Chance?

No, Lucky Hit Chance is not the same as Critical Strike Chance. Lucky Hit determines whether a specific effect will be triggered, whereas Critical Strike increases the frequency of your Critical hits.

Even if you have a high Lucky Hit Chance, it’s useless unless you can access a Lucky Hit Effect. Critical Hit Chance does not have this requirement.

How to Increase Lucky Hit Chance

There are two main ways to increase your Lucky Hit Chance:

  1. Use skills that have a high base Lucky Hit Chance
  2. Look out for gear that has high rolls of Lucky Hit Chance affixes
Highlighting the Adventurer's Boots of Shared Misery and its special Lucky Hit Effect in the inventory screen of Diablo 4
Credit: ItalianSpartacus

You can increase your Lucky Hits by keeping an eye on the relationship between your gear, skills, and passive abilities.

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