Diablo 4 players are always eager to jump into the game, but unfortunately, they are met with long login queue times every now and then.

Blizzard is no stranger to the login queue time page. They faced it when playing Overwatch 2 and saw it multiple times through the Diablo 4 Open Beta and Server Slam.

Despite this not being an usual occurrence, we update this piece continually to let you know how much time you will have to stay in queue to visit Sanctuary once again in Diablo 4.

How Long Are Diablo 4 Login Queue Times?

At this moment, players can get access to Diablo 4 instantly without any queue times. Despite recent queueing issues, the game is no longer stuck in the Start Game Pending screen.

Blizzard has confirmed queueing issues and is investigating this matter. However, it seems the issue is no longer affecting players. As soon as updates are provided, this article will be edited to reflect that.

Here is what the average wait time is for each platform:

  • PS4/PS5: <1 Minute
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S: <1 Minute
  • PC: <1 Minute

This issue seems to be affecting both season characters and the characters created before the start of Diablo 4 Season 1.

If you run into one of the error codes, it’ll boot you back to the queue time even if you were already in-game. Thankfully, there are already solutions for most errors in Diablo IV.

Is There a Queue In Diablo 4 Right Now?

No, there is currently no queue on the login page for Diablo 4. Blizzard has confirmed queueing issues, but it seems the issue is now resolved for most players.

If you experience any “Start Game Pending” screen, just wait a few minutes and the game should start shortly.

Start Game Pending Diablo 4 Queue

Are the Queue Times Accurate?

Yes, currently, queue times shown on the queue times screen in Diablo 4 are accurate. Despite some recent queueing issues, players can get into the game almost instantly.

Queue times generally won’t increase as long as you don’t exit the page, but they may get stuck on the same timeframe for longer than it states.

This is why sometimes it feels that the queue times are progressing a lot slower than what the timer on Diablo 4 is displaying.