Diablo 4 and KFC are again partnering up to deliver players exclusive in-game cosmetic rewards that pay homage to the fowl creatures.

Earlier this year, those that purchased specific items from KFC were rewarded with Early Access to the Diablo 4 Open Beta.

But this time, their collaboration brings some rewards that players can use in-game while exploring the world of Sanctuary.

How to Get All Diablo 4 KFC Rewards

To receive a free Diablo 4 cosmetic reward from KFC, players need to connect their KFC and Battle.net accounts and purchase one of the eligible Sandwich or Sandwich Combo Meals between May 30, 2023, and June 2, 2023.

  1. Head to the KFC Diablo Webpage and create an account.
    • Only US orders are eligible for this event.
  2. After creating an account, click “Link to Battle.net” to link your KFC and Activision Blizzard accounts.
KFC Diablo Account Link
  1. This will unlock the first KFC Diablo IV Reward for you simply for connecting your accounts. But to earn rewards 2-5, you’ll need to order from the eligible items.
  2. Order one of the eligible Sandwich or Sandwich Combo Meals online from the KFC website or mobile app (Apple or Android). Eligible items have a red “Unlock Diablo IV Rewards” banner on them.
Diablo 4 KFC Rewards
  1. This unlocks one of the four KFC Diablo 4 rewards.
  2. You’ll need to repeat this three more times to obtain all five available rewards.
    • The cheapest item seems to be the “Classic Chicken Sandwich” for $6.99. You’ll need to spend just under $30 to get all five rewards.

In-Store purchases do not count towards this event and will give players no rewards. KFC has made this clear on their FAQ for the Diablo 4 promo.

If you are having issues with receiving your rewards, then you can contact KFC Customer Support for assistance.

Which Items Are Eligible For Diablo 4 KFC Reward

There are six different items that you can purchase that qualifies for a Diablo IV KFC in-game reward, including:

  • KFC Classic Sandwich – $6.99
  • KFC Spicy Sandwich – $6.99
  • KFC Chicken Sandwich Combo – $9.99
  • KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo – $9.99
  • KFC Chicken Sandwich + Nuggets Box Meal – $14.99
  • KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich + Nuggets Box Meal – $14.99

All Diablo 4 KFC Free Cosmetic Rewards

Here are all the Diablo IV KFC cosmetic rewards and the order in which they unlock:

  • Reward 1: Dread Phesant Slayer Bow
    • Unlocked by connecting Battle.net and KFC Accounts.
  • Reward 2: Thrumming Axle – “Leverate the elements to conquer the foes of Sanctuary.”
    • Unlocked after first purchase.
  • Reward 3: Hand of Gallus – “Battle through your enemies with this custom red-wrapped mace.”
    • Unlocked after the second purchase.
  • Reward 4: Vessel of the Eleven – “Wield the power of the wild and earth as you travel the world of Sanctuary.”
    • Unlocked after the third purchase.
  • Reward 5: Foul Reaper – “This exclusive scythe is the perfect tool to conquer your enemies.”
    • Unlocked after the fourth purchase.

All five of these items are different weapons that players can equip in Diablo 4. Even if the weapon isn’t to your liking, players can still unlock the Transmog to use on their current weapons.

KFC Diablo 4 Rewards

This means you can look at the weapon and apply it to any other weapon you find in Sanctuary.