Understanding Item Power breakpoints in Diablo 4 can help you determine which gear and weapons are worth upgrading and keeping, significantly impacting how powerful your character can be!

Essentially, Item Power breakpoints are specific stat ranges that determine the power of a particular weapon or gear piece. Upgrading gear past one of these ranges can result in substantial stat increases.

Here we’re going to cover what is an Item Power breakpoint in Diablo 4, all breakpoint tiers, how they affect your character, what to do to increase it, and what to look out for when upgrading your gear.

What are Item Power Breakpoints in Diablo 4?

Item Power breakpoints are tiers that an item’s power level will fall into. Upgrading a piece of equipment into its next breakpoint level will increase its stats and affixes.

Once you push an item into its next breakpoint tier, it will re-roll its stats and affixes, granting a more significant potential for increased power.

All Diablo 4 Item Power Breakpoints

Breakpoint LevelItem Power Requirement:
11 – 149
2150 – 339
3340 – 459
4460 – 624
5625 – 724

As an example based on the chart above, upgrading an item’s power from 623 to 628 will push into the next breakpoint tier (625-724). This will increase the value range of the item’s affixes, which gives a greater chance of increased power.

For instance, as depicted in the image below, an item can have a +29 increase to all stats affix within a 29-37 range at 623 (618+5) Item Power level. Then, after upgrading and reaching 628 (618+10) Item Power, past 625 which is the next breakpoint tier, this affix rerolls and increases to +53 in a 38-53 range.

Comparing an item's stat and affix values when increasing its power level and item power breakpoint tier in Diablo 4
Credit: Patient Gamer Reviews

Note that Power Level breakpoint rerolls in Diablo 4 also have the potential to be lower than the original value. However, it is often worth the risk for more power.

Thankfully, you can see these projected stat rolls before you upgrade at the blacksmith. Taking this as reference will help you determine if it is worth spending gold and upgrade materials on that item.

It’s important to note that increasing an item’s power level and progressing through breakpoint tiers will not affect its unique effects (if it has them) or any Aspects that are on the item.

Check out Patient Gamer Reviews’s video for a breakdown:

What is Item Power in Diablo 4?

Item Power directly determines an item’s base stats and influences its affixes and bonuses.

Item Power is related to three key areas:

  1. Your character’s current level
  2. The base stats of a particular item
  3. The item’s bonus stats and affixes

Each gear or weapon piece in Diablo 4 will roll with a certain power level that has a direct influence on its base stats and its affixes. It’s particularly important as a way of increasing armor and your DPS output, as these will scale directly with Item Power.

Character on the back of a mount on the edge of a cliff looking out at the Dry Steppes region in Diablo 4

How to Increase Loot Item Power in Diablo 4?

The most reliable way of increasing the power level of dropped loot items is to level up your character or play on higher World Tiers.

  • Level up your character
    • Your character will level as you earn XP completing quests, defeating enemies, and progressing through Diablo 4’s campaign.
  • Play on higher World Tiers
    • Playing Diablo 4 on the highest Torment difficulty setting (World Tier 4) will give you the best chance of dropping items with the highest possible Item Power levels.
    • World Tier 4 gives Sacred and Ancestral gear a higher chance to drop. As the best items in the game, these will often roll with a power level of +700-725 and above.
    • You can check the rarity of loot each tier offers on the description of each World Tier at the Select Difficulty screen.
Diablo 4's World Tier 4 description

How to Upgrade Item Power in Diablo 4?

At the blacksmith, you’ll get the option to upgrade your weapons and armor Item Power in exchange for gold and upgrade materials.

Each upgrade gives an additional +5 Item Power to that gear piece. The item’s rarity level determines how many times it can be upgraded:

  • Rare items can be upgraded three times (up to +15 power)
  • Legendary items can be upgraded 5 times (up to +25 power)
Upgrading a weapon at the Blacksmith in Diablo4
Credit: Patient Gamer Reviews
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