If you’re running a Druid build in Diablo 4, you’ll need to know how to get Insatiable Fury. It’s one of the most powerful Unique items you can get for the class.

Diablo 4 has introduced a new tier of rarity to the series with Unique gear. These items have distinct and powerful traits that will add a significant amount of versatility to your build.

We’re going to cover all you need to know about what Insatiable Fury does and the most effective way of getting it, below.

What is Insatiable Fury in Diablo 4?

Insatiable Fury is a powerful Unique Druid chest armor that has the unique effect of significantly buffing your Werebear form.

Here are the armor’s affixes and unique effects:

  • Insatiable Fury Affixes:
    • + Physical Damage
    • + Overpower Damage
    • + Damage Reduction while Fortified
    • + Total Armor while in Werebear Form
  • Insatiable Fury Unique Effect:
    • Werebear Form is now your true form, and you gain +2 ranks to all Werebear skills
Insatiable Fury chest armour info showing affixes and unique effect overlaid over gameplay of a Druid in combat in Werebear form in Diablo 4
Credit: Fextralife

Insatiable Fury’s unique effect makes Werebear your Druid’s ‘true form’, meaning that you won’t revert to human form when engaged in combat. With a +2 buff to all Werebear skills, your damage output is increased significantly.

In addition, Insatiably Fury also buffs your armor in Werebear form, meaning you can tank hits a lot more easily.

There is also an increase to your Overpower and Fortify – two mechanics that work together to further increase your damage output and are particularly well-suited for Druid players.

How to Get Insatiable Fury in Diablo 4

To get Insatiable Fury you must be in at least World Tier 3 (Nightmare Difficulty) for it to be able to drop. Unique-tiered items can only drop on World Tier 3 or World Tier 4.

To unlock World Tier 3, you must finish the campaign on at least World Tier 2 (Veteran Difficulty) and complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon.

There is no straightforward way to reliably get Insatiably Fury – it is a random item drop like most loot in the game.

Druid in Werebear form fighting against an elite enemy Boss in the Fallen Temple in Diablo 4
Credit: RageGamingVideos

Here are a few ways to increase your chances of getting Unique loot:

  • Defeat Elite enemies
  • Open chests
  • Complete Dungeons and Nightmare Dungeons
  • Complete Strongholds
  • Open Helltide Mystery Chests
  • Defeat World Bosses

There is a fair amount of RNG involved, but with a bit of luck, it will drop for you eventually.

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