Recently, Diablo 4 players on PlayStation 5 have received an unexpected email in regard to receiving an “Inarius Wings” add-on to their account for free.

The email is a confusing surprise for many. Most users report that they made no prior purchase that would warrant this extra content.

We’re going to go over what the email entails, as well as what it could mean.

DIablo 4 Wings of Creatore Emote with Necromancer

What is the PS5 Diablo 4 Inarius Wings Email?

The Inarius Wings email is a purchase confirmation of free add-on content for Diablo 4. It was sent out by PlayStation to PS5 users.

Specifically, the email confirms a transaction of $0.00 for the “Diablo III Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet – Diablo IV (Add-On)”.

Reddit user u/Glittering_Pilot2782 posted the email in question on Reddit:

Diablo 4 Inarius Wings PS5 Email

The content described in the email is actually related to in-game add-ons for Diablo 3, not Diablo 4. Players had access to it by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition of Diablo 4.

This is the confusing part – many players who received the above email have never even played Diablo 3. It has left many scratching their heads as to what it could all mean.

Why Are Fans Concerned About the Diablo 4 Inarius Wings Email?

Fans are concerned about the Diablo 4 Inarius Wings email, as it suggests their Blizzard accounts may have been hacked.

This is because a lot of the users who received the email have no recollection of authorizing the purchase of the content or pre-ordering Diablo 4.

Many PS5 users fear their accounts are in jeopardy. They do not remember purchasing anything to grant them access to the Inarius Wings add-on content:

by u/philosobeer from discussion PSN Purchase
in diablo4
by u/Xeedflarian from discussion PSN Purchase
in diablo4

The add-on content is specifically for Diablo 3 rather than Diablo 4. This seems to have confused those who received the email and those who never purchased or played that game.

Inarius holding a spear in Diablo 4

Should You Worry About the Diablo 4 Inarius Wings Email?

No, you shouldn’t. Despite all the confusion, the Inarius Wings email is most likely either a mistake or a late confirmation of content that you are entitled to.

We'll update this article when more concrete information is released about the Diablo 4 Inarius Wings & Murloc Pet content.

As the content in question was given away as part of a pre-order incentive for Diablo 4’s Ultimate Edition, the most likely reason why users are receiving this email is due to a delayed confirmation and receipt of this content.

As free content, one theory suggests that Blizzard is releasing the free Inarius Wings and Murloc Pet unlocks in Diablo 3 “in waves” :

This would explain why so many users who did not purchase and pre-order the Ultimate Edition of Diablo 4 also received the Inarius Wings email with a confirmation of purchase.

Close up of Inarius in diablo 4

Perhaps Blizzard is slowly rolling out this content to all players, and a select few are getting confirmation of this now.

We’ll keep an eye out to see how this progresses and update the article accordingly!

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