Season 1 of Diablo 4 is finally here, but unlike other games with a battle pass, to start experiencing all the events, there are some things you need to do first.

When you first begin a season in Sanctuary, you’ll need to obtain any seasonal items and start all over with a seasonal character. It can be confusing since it essentially means starting over.

To help you navigate to Diablo 4 Season 1 without an issue, we’ve broken down every step you need to take to get your Bag of Cages and start collecting Malignant Hearts.

How to Start Season 1

To fully start Diablo 4 Season 1 you need to create a seasonal character, and finish the first Season Quest “Burning from Within”. You must also have completed the campaign at least once before.

  1. Create a seasonal character
    • Before you even begin, you’ll need to create an entirely new character. This character will exist in the “Seasonal Realm” and allow the player to participate in the current Season of the Malignant.
  2. Complete the campaign, or skip it if you’ve completed it before.
    • Players can not access seasonal content until the main campaign is complete. Thankfully, if you have completed the campaign before you can always choose to skip the campaign when you create your new character.
    • This will allow players to save over 30+ hours of game time and head straight into the new content.
  3. Speak to Vrytan to initiate the first Season of the Malignant story quest, Burning from Within.
    • Vrytan is found near the Kyovashad Waypoint. If you choose to skip the campaign, he will appear right next to you as soon as you spawn into Sanctuary.
    • Seasonal quests will appear on your map with a leaf icon. They are registered as a Priority Quest.
Vyrtan Location Diablo 4
  1. Head to the Forest Clearing.
    • Vrytan will ask you to look for survivors just northeast of Kyovashad.
    • The map will show you a general area, but below we’ve provided the exact area you need to approach to trigger the next step of the quest.
Forest Clearing Location Diablo 4
  1. Defeat the Strange Demon that appears and interact with the Malignant Heart.
    • When you enter the Forest Clearing, you’ll face some enemies, and a Strange Demon will appear. Defeat this demon, and your first Malignant Heart will appear.
    • After you interact with the Malignant Heart, Cormond will approach you and ask to speak with you outside of the Forest Clearing.
Malignant Heart Diablo 4 Season 1
  1. Speak to Cormond.
    • Once you exit the Forest Clearing, you can find Cormond directly west of the entrance. Speak with him.
    • Cormond will begin to explain how he has found a way to deal with the Malignant.
Cormond Diablo 4 Season 1
  1. Grab the Bag of Cages.
    • Interact with the chest to the left of Cormond.
    • This bag contains Cages of Binding that players can use on Malignant Hearts to create Caged Hearts.
    • Caged Hearts give players new seasonal powers that will take their builds to new heights.
    • With this item, players can now start to farm Malignant enemies to obtain more powerful Caged Hearts from them.
Bag of Cages Diablo 4
  1. Continue to help Cormond and save Sanctuary from the Malignant.
    • Now that you have the Cages of Binding, you can use the power of Malignant Hearts for yourself and complete many of the Season’s Journey objectives.
    • From here on out, you can continue to help Cormond to learn more about the Malignant and unlock his workbench.

With the Bag of Cages, players can farm Malignant Hearts and obtain unrivaled powers in Sanctuary’s lands.

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